Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Free serialized novel (mainstream)

As of today, 2/12/13 – Fat Tuesday, my intention is to post a scene a week (scenes run 600-1200 words) by Tuesday, and to post the link on in addition to my blog. I have a bunch in the chute so little details like living/writing with CFS won’t cause me to stop posting. [For a while: note added to appease the Fates.]

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 1 – To ride the fickle horse of fame, Scene 1

Pride’s Children is finished in rough draft – because I prefer to know where something ends before putting it out for public consumption. Each scene is as good as I can make it right now, on a scene-by-scene basis. I am in full, nitpicky revision mode and will be grateful for suggestions and corrections.

SO: If you like my story and/or my writing, BUT something doesn’t agree with you… feel free to leave a comment or email me privately [abehrhardt at gmail] with your suggestion for improvement or your analysis of what’s wrong. [It will help if you put PC or Pride’s Children in the Subject line.] I will read carefully, and may incorporate your suggestion/change what you think is wrong (if I do so, your name, if you wish, will end up on the acknowledgments page – so leave me information where I can ask you for permission). It would help a lot if you also tell me what you DO like to read and any general information about yourself you care to share: your tastes and opinions help me evaluate your comments.

If you don’t like my story and/or my writing, I’m sorry you wasted your time, and I hope that you will find better fodder for your reading habit in other places. I bid you adieu – no hard feelings – with gratitude that you stopped by at all – as you are not likely to return. Thanks.

UPDATED TO ADD that, although I love WordPress, and am very grateful for its wonderful features, I am NOT responsible for where it decides to hyphenate words! I will check curly quotes, em-dashes, ellipses, and hyphens and hyphenation before putting out ebook versions or print versions. Point out problems anyway – thanks!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Free serialized novel (mainstream)

    1. ABE Post author

      The one thing nobody warned me about is how hard it is to properly thank readers who take the time to comment. It is an entirely new and shiny feeling for me. Thanks! I hope you and Jackie enjoy the ride.



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