Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Scene 1.1.3

New scene posted.

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 1 – To ride the fickle horse of fame, Scene 3

Last of three point-of-view characters, Bianca.

I’m STILL learning to navigate links – Pride’s Children – and menus. My aim is to make the experience easy on the reader – so please let me know if a link didn’t work as you expected. I will be grateful for suggestions and corrections.

SO: If you like my story and/or my writing, BUT something doesn’t agree with you… feel free to leave a comment or email me privately [abehrhardt at gmail] with your suggestion for improvement or your analysis of what’s wrong. [It will help if you put PC or Pride’s Children in the Subject line.] I will read carefully, and may incorporate your suggestion/change what you think is wrong (if I do so, your name, if you wish, will end up on the acknowledgments page – so leave me information where I can ask you for permission). It would help a lot if you also tell me what you DO like to read and any general information about yourself you care to share: your tastes and opinions help me evaluate your comments.

If you don’t like my story and/or my writing, I’m sorry you wasted your time, and I hope that you will find better fodder for your reading habit in other places. I bid you au revoir – no hard feelings – with gratitude that you stopped by at all. If you’re up to it, come by in a few months and try again. Thanks!


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