Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 2, Scene 3

New scene posted.

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 2 – Daughter of Jairus, Scene 3

Please let me know if a link didn’t work as you expected it to – I had a real battle with HTML and WordPress. I THINK I won. I’m trying to have an indented list in the Table of Contents list each new scene as posted – and… You really don’t want to hear the details, but that was the energy for today: my theme, 2012, doesn’t LIKE indented lists. It kept eating tabs AND the spaces I inserted.

HINT: if it doesn’t work, switch from the VISUAL editor to the TEXT editor.

2nd HINT: WordPress CHANGES the HTML, if it doesn’t like it, WHEN you hit UPDATE.

DO NOT use my HTML as a sample of anything! As a former programmer, I cringe at what must be horrible spaghetti code – because I haven’t yet learned the EFFICIENT way to code an indented list. Help appreciated!

Many thanks for suggestions and corrections.

Leave a comment – or email me privately [abehrhardt at gmail].


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