Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 3, Scene 4

This week’s post is Chapter 3, Scene 4 (1.3.4).

For re-entry ease: here is the end of the previous scene, followed by the link to the new scene:

End of Chapter 3 –  Scene 3 (Andrew)

They walked side by side toward his rowdy mates at the barricades where a table was set up for Kary. He wasn’t surprised to notice a substantial portion of the crowd wanting her autograph.

He welcomed his obligations: his fans awaited, young and old; he was there. As usual, some of the pretty ones hung back, hoping to leave a lasting impression. It was twenty minutes before the final fan was escorted to the studio door, squealing happily to her friends with Andrew’s pen in her hand.

He shook his head with regret as she left. What a bloody waste.

 ~ ~ ~

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 3 – “if he should gain the whole world”, Scene 4

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013.


2 thoughts on “Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 3, Scene 4

    1. ABE Post author

      I’m trying the idea of giving you the last bit of the previous scene – as a reminder of where you were – before you go to this week’s scene. You can just skip it if you remember where you were.

      It is tricky to follow a novel with rotating points of view when you only get a scene a week – but that’s the fastest I can polish. I see on your website that Suzie’s story doesn’t need the extra navigational help.

      If you think the little bit is confusing, let me know – I have several people who said they like it. It IS extra work to put it before this week’s link, so I’ll stop doing it if the preponderance of the votes says not to.

      Also, due to the free WordPress theme limitations, there is a several minute block of time when nothing works – because I can’t check out links to a page that isn’t posted before it’s published. I have to publish the new page, then change all the navigation links to point to the new page, then make sure the previous scene points to the new one… Takes me a few minutes. I’m new at this! If you happen to check the latest scene WHILE I’m in the middle of the muddle, nothing will point to the right place! I try to do these in the middle of the night if possible. I could just put up the new one and not link everything together – I may end up doing that.



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