DragonFlys – Holly’s new home’s page

This is the beginning of a new feature: my friend Holly is building a tiny home on wheels, named DragonFlys. Until she has a bit more time, you can follow the progress here. Or click on the DragonFlys tab on the navigation bar.

Here is a picture from assembling the floor:

P1010056A previous post with pictures from the Tumbleweed workshop in Philadelphia is here. And here.

I’ll post the photos from my camera (which serves as a reminder to make sure I have a good set when I go take pictures). Holly’s wonderful little camera – living with Holly – has lots more great pictures, since that’s my job: taking pictures with her camera.

She will send me text and photos when she can, and I’ll post them here until she gets her own blog going. There is just never enough time, is there?


3 thoughts on “DragonFlys – Holly’s new home’s page

  1. Circe

    What are the dimensions? We just spent a week in a very tidy 12′ x 18′ medium-tiny house manufactured in NY State and driven to VT. We did not turn on the flat screen TV, but it was there. (A fisherman in a kayak came by in the mornings and gave us news bulletins.)
    Will Holly live in DragonFly alone or with company? Is she a carpenter? She is now! Who designed DragonFly?
    Intrigued, anyway, I discovered that I do love life writ small. My great architectural fear is multi-story foyers with Palladian windows!


    1. ABE Post author

      I want mine to look as if it were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

      You can see all the plans on the Tumbleweed Houses website. I think DragonFlys is 8’6″ wide (outside) and 20′ long. But that’s from memory. 187 sq. ft. vs. 216 for yours, but she has a sleeping loft, also.

      Holly has ordered a bamboo plywood for finishing the inside. It’s made of Structurally Integrated Panels (SIPs). She calls it a gingerbread house. The walls and floors and roof interlock – plus foam/adhesive fills the cracks.



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