Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 6, Scene 4

This week’s post is Chapter 6, Scene 4 (1.6.4).

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Still looking for more beta readers; if interested, email me at abehrhardt [at] gmail.

PRIDE’S CHILDREN Table of Contents

End of previous scene, followed by the link to the new scene:

End of Chapter 6, Scene 3

Grant folded his arms, unconcerned. “He wanted to scope out the countryside before he requires bodyguards.”

“Oh?” The idiot colt had known the whole time—and hadn’t thought to mention it? I could have mined him for information. She’d take care of him, later. “So, which scene was this?” Could Grant tell her interest had suddenly dropped? She didn’t think so. Acting was a useful profession.

I need so many things from him.


~ ~ ~

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 6, Scene 4

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013.

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