Canary in a coalmine kickstarter: have you sent your dollar today?

I received this email today, and went over to Jennifer Brea’s Kickstarter campaign for the Canary in a Coalmine documentary she is doing, slowly, about ME/CFS.

I’ve lived with this illness for 24 years now. It’s cost me my career as a computational research physicist at the best place in the country to do plasma physics: Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Lab, the ability to rear my children as a mother who wasn’t always exhausted, years of pain and exhaustion and brain fog. It has been a bizarre tale of zero help from modern medicine.

And corruption and incompetence  – research funds allocated by Congress for CFS research at the CDC were diverted to other ’causes’ the CDC thought worthier.

The very least I can do, after my own contribution, is to pass Jennifer’s information out into my little corner of the blogosphere (and I did NOT really mean for you to send just $1 – but that is a whole heck of a LOT better than nothing. Jennifer will tell you why):

Dear ,

Thank you so much for what so many of you have given to this campaign. You’ve blown us away! You have inspired us to push harder, dream bigger.

We reached our first goal of $50,000 in just over three days and are now the most popular/trending film project on Kickstarter (8th across all categories). In less than one week, we have raised over $75,000. For a film about “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” Who knew?

Our goal: to become the most backed documentary film in Kickstarter history. It only takes 6,509 people to break the standing record. It only takes $1 to become a backer. Here’s why we think breaking the record matters.

We need your help to keep the momentum going. Here’s how:

1. Visit this link:

2. Then, SPREAD THE WORD. Share our Kickstarter page ( on Facebook, Twitter, by email, with anyone with whom you think the stories in our film might resonate.

We even have a link that makes sharing easy:


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