Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 8, Scene 2

This week’s post continues with Chapter 8, Scene 2 (1.8.2).

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PRIDE’S CHILDREN Table of Contents

End of previous scene, followed by the link to the new scene:

End of Chapter 8, Scene 1

He negotiated the winding road back to Hanover with the wind whipping his long hair stingingly along the helmet’s rim. Plenty of time. He hadn’t been this relaxed since he boarded the plane for America. He found himself singing a bar ditty about a one-armed sailor.

His lines were there, solid. He was ready to be a good father to the lovely Bianca—surely she must see the colonies’ treason as he did? A tiny spark of guilt assailed: Why hadn’t he told Bianca about the girl in his bed? Keep it strictly professional, lad. And why had he told Kary?

It had a good sound: Sanctuary.

~ ~ ~

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 8, Scene 2

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013.


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