Thank you to my Followers, Commenters, Likers, and Viewers

To the people who have made this blog worth writing, to those of you who are reading Pride’s Children as I put it up every Tuesday, to people who read my short fiction, to those who share their CFS stories:

Thank you from the bottom of my writer’s heart to my Followers, Commenters, Likers, and Viewers.

You make my day better. You’ve made my year better. And the time since I started blogging (September 2012) has gone by with me feeling great gratitude toward friends and strangers who stop by to read for a while.

You make it all worthwhile.

I can’t tell you the number of times that an email says I have a new follower, the stats mention some more folks stopped by to view, WordPress tells me of a new Like! – information that came at precisely the right time to keep me writing.

And a comment… Well, comments – and a chance to engage with live humans – are the chocolate chips in the cookies for blog writers – and writers in general (except, maybe, total hermits).

I’d like to remind you that your comments and all other interactions are Welcome, and treated like the gold nuggets they are. Gifts from busy people who found that something in what I said catches their interest, entertains, or informs for a moment – a share in the time it takes to be a modern human and a netizen: I thank you for all of them.

Here’s hoping the rest of 2013 is a great year for you, and all your enterprises are successful this year and the next.

Safe holidays.

Many thanks!


8 thoughts on “Thank you to my Followers, Commenters, Likers, and Viewers

  1. Phoenix Rainez

    A beautiful thank you post. No wonder you have so many amazing followers. This post was a breath of fresh air to read even though I have only just picked it up now in 2015.

    My grateful thanks to you to for stopping by my blog and reading my review on To Swear By The Moon. Thank you for your time and hitting that like button.



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