Pride’s Children – new sunset cover

PC 2nd gen cover

I have been playing with

1) a couple of gorgeous photos taken by a friend of a friend, Jon Gwinn,

2) PowerPoint, and

3) the instructions generously provided and illustrated by William King in his post on ebook cover design.

William’s instructions were wonderful, my skill with the PP controls somewhat less – but this is actually legible at thumbnail size, clear, and has what will be my signature: fabulous pictures of sunsets.

I LOVE sunsets. They last for such a brief time and are so often gorgeous in their neon colors. They are something my mother liked to paint when she was still painting – we call them ‘Pepita Sunsets’ for her.

I know it’s far from perfect – but it’s a huge step up from before, and I will go with it for now.

My standards for covers are that they be clearly legible at the thumbnail size you see on Amazon, that the typography be interesting, and that the colors be bright.

Also important – but I don’t have a clear handle on it yet – is that the cover reflect what is in the book. This being a mainstream novel, I get to do pretty much whatever I like. I don’t think I’ve infringed on any particular genre category – that’s the biggest worry.

I have a lot to learn.

Comments very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Pride’s Children – new sunset cover

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