Saving grace: the Reader Love file for writers

Why do we write?

Writing is a solitary occupation. Even in a group or at a workshop, if there is time for writing, it’s going to be time during which people aren’t supposed to speak to each other, or read each other’s work-in-progress, or surf the internet… just write. Alone. Silently except for the typing fingers.

I am subject to periods of wondering why I’m bothering to spend my limited functional time writing a novel.

It’s not that there are lots of thing I want to do, it’s that there are lots of things I SHOULD do. Things for which I am the most likely actor: dealing with photos and recording of the kids, organizing the house, catching up on my filing, communicating with friends, worrying about the offspring in some positive way, calling my sisters or my Dad.

Instead, I choose to say I’m going to spend time every day writing this novel.

A writer’s company

I’ve found a way to make it a little less solitary, a little less odd. A little more rewarding.

I use Scrivener now, so it was easy to title a new section ‘Reader Love,’ and to start putting into the file(s) the little comments that come from people who have read Pride’s Children as it progresses, and say something nice, something insightful, or my favorite, ‘I couldn’t put it down.’

When the doubt creeps in – and it does – or the sluggishness, I pop over to the Reader Love file and read some of my stored comments.

If you’ve ever left an encouraging comment on my blog, or sent it in an email – I’ve saved it. They are like manna from Heaven – there every morning when I need them, a kindness that goes a very long way. Especially now – unpublished writers work in more obscurity than most.

Oh, and if you have a habit of clicking Like when you finish a scene or post, I have all of those, too, neatly stored away where I can get a smile and a happy feeling whenever I need it. You are truly appreciated.

It keeps me writing. So all of us will eventually get to the end. And you will know that I was sustained because on the internet, everything is forever.

Time flies when you’re posting a novel

As I write this, I realize I have been posting a scene a week, every week, for a year! That’s not peanuts.

I started posting Pride’s Children a little over a year ago, calendar-wise (2/12/13), which is also a little over a liturgical year, so let’s halve the difference and call it about a year – and I haven’t missed a week (and just missed one Tuesday by a smidge). I don’t think I could have tossed it out there into the void, and kept this up, if it hadn’t been for the wonderful people I’ve met online. It was a scary startup – promising things always is – but there you are: a whole year. And we’re still going. Congratulations to all of us.

Thank you. You know who you are. I love you all back.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a solicitation for more – it is gratitude for what I have already received.

So now, having cheered myself immeasurably by reading the Reader Love, I’m going to finish another scene.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Saving grace: the Reader Love file for writers

  1. clairechase51

    Sending a big hug….just there for when you need it! I can hardly wait to read your book! Keep the chapters coming!!



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