Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 13, Scene 3

I was growing alfalfa and wheat grass for the Gizzy – it got mold. I’m going to have to dump it and try again.

A few bike rides – and I feel rejuvenated. I can ride, even if the walking is difficult. Not so sure about that first moment of balance the first time – but it’s fine now.

This week’s post continues with Chapter 13, Scene 3 (1.13.3).

I still haven’t had time to join the previous chapters into single files for each – the good news is that this means I’m writing and editing in my work time (have to keep ahead of you guys!), and good progress is being made on a weekly if not daily basis – which makes me happy.

Feedback welcome. Thanks!

Still looking for more beta readers; if interested, email me at abehrhardt [at] gmail.

PRIDE’S CHILDREN Table of Contents

Previous chapter: Chapter 12

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 13, Scene 3  [Andrew]

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013, 2014.

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