My own writing advice to me

Accumulated from my notes – little things I wish I remembered all the time. Some help with brain fog – others just help.

Off the top of my head, when asked:

Real life is very limited – go into the world inside your mind and don’t come out. No limitations there.

Net surfing rarely gives you anything, but when it does, oh boy! Prepare to be blown away.

Wait until your brain kicks on. If it does, race to container the deluge.

Catch your typing mistakes as you make them, and put the fear of God into them. They are less likely to do it again.

If you can’t write something as simple as a blog post, go take a nap. Your brain isn’t capable of fiction.

If you come across the same thing thrice in a week, ask yourself if you were looking for it – and if you could somehow use it. It is a gift from the Universe.

Don’t trust other writers. They give you advice that works for them.

Find a few good readers. Hope like hell they won’t let you get away with anything. Praise them when they don’t.

Always have a timer running. The beep will startle you out of ruts, give you a second to make a better choice.

If someone puts out a writing prompt, twist it to help in the scene you were going to write anyway. Why waste words writing for others or as throwaways?

If you mess up, admit it (at least to yourself). Fix it if you can. Then move on.

What is your writing advice to yourself?

8 thoughts on “My own writing advice to me

  1. chrismcmullen

    Threes are an interesting phenomenon. It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen the same thing three times in one week, but never encountered it otherwise. It sure feels like a gift from the universe. 🙂


  2. clairechase51

    Not that I am a writer, but for the few times that I am:
    Write things down when they pop into my head, else they might be lost forever.
    Proof read and try to trim things down. I like details, but I risk losing the reader if things are too long.


  3. juliabarrett

    I try to follow this advice – Be brave, write what you know. That’s about it. 🙂 You have quite an interesting list, but then you are a mathematician.



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