Holly’s Tiny House Dragonflys is growing

Holly has had a bit of time, and I got pictures of the work that’s been done since Dragonflys was moved from Yardley, PA, to Hamilton, NJ, and is being worked on when a very busy Holly and co. have a little time.

Last Import - 100Here is a view of the front area which will be the bedroom – windows on three sides, and, to the left (where the blue tarp is) is the front entrance.

Last Import - 101Same space with me standing on the porch to take the picture.

Last Import - 099This is the other end – and the bamboo finishing for the walls – which will be sanded and stained, and have a finish coat? – is going up all around the inside – and all the windows are in!

Holly is showing the scale of her little home.

Last Import - 097Support structure for the loft is in – the kitchen will be to the right, and, interestingly enough, putting the loft in makes the interior seem bigger – possibly because the ceilings before were almost 13 ft., and that dwarfed Holly – now it feels like a human-sized space.

Last Import - 095

Windows are white on the inside, and will be dark on the outside. They are almost ready to put the shingles on. I don’t have pictures, but the Tyvek is now covered with a yellow layer like a very open sponge/mesh that will provide a place for moisture to condense and run down between the Tyvek and the shingles.

Last Import - 094This picture gives you a feeling for the size of the house.

The far window is the kitchen one from the outside.

I don’t have pictures from today, but the loft floor is up, and looks very nice. She will leave the space between the 4 x 4s uncovered – and there is still a lot of space over her head.

Every time I see it, Dragonflys has moved a bit along its flight path.

And it looks and feels more like a home-to-be, and less like a garden shed (a TALL garden shed on wheels).

Can’t wait to see what goes up next. Go, Holly!

I want one – you?


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