First Guest Blog – I love milestones!

I’m famous! I have my first Guest Post today, at Marlene Cullen’s blog, The Write Spot:

Hi! Marlene asked me to write about the weird way I write – and I will, with one caveat: don’t try this at home.

In fact, don’t try any of this at all unless you already know you’re an extreme plotter

Thanks, Marlene – I love firsts.

I love the world of blogging, too – you never know when you’re going to connect with someone interesting.



11 thoughts on “First Guest Blog – I love milestones!

  1. J.M. Ney-Grimm

    Wow, Alicia! I hadn’t realized all the cool tools you use while writing. I’m very impressed with your resourceful style! Clearly you figure out how to make your writing life work using all the creativity at your command. Write on, sister!



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