Holly’s Tiny House Dragonflys has siding

Email from Holly with pic:

Got most of one side done. Working on the other. Ordered roof today.
How are you doing? I’m back in school this week and already feeling over whelmed. But this is per usual.

Outside. Beautiful afternoon. A bit warm but having a beer.

Hope all is well.


I stopped by on my bike today, and there it was – the siding is going on, bottom to top, on the far side, too. Nothing looks like a real American house until it has siding.

The inside bamboo walls are going nicely, too – and the loft is done.

I want one – you?


7 thoughts on “Holly’s Tiny House Dragonflys has siding

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I will ask Holly – this is really a place for a few pictures while she catches up with an incredibly busy lifestyle that didn’t allow her time to do her own website or blog – because it is so cool to see one go up. She has become a dear friend – but privacy issues compel me to NOT reveal all I know, because it is not mine to share. But I will repeat my offer to her to put up anything she cares to generate. Meanwhile, it is nicely tantalizing.

      If DragonFlys were mine, I’d probably have told you everything down to my grandmother’s shoe size by now.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever have a tiny house – but seeing one go up right around the corner makes it real, and that’s a crucial first step.

      Glad you like it.



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