Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 15, Scene 2

This week’s post continues Chapter 15 with Scene 2 (1.15.2).

It took me a week to get over the cold – which has settled into my chest with a nice cough, but for a while there I could sing Old Man River with the best of the basso profundos. Really. I meant to get around to recording myself…

From the scene:

Some of the things learned this week:

Setting up a proper website – without WordPress holding my hand. Scary!

Buying my domain – and no, it’s not open for business yet.

Getting an EIN from the IRS so I have it to give to Amazon (it’s like a Social Security# for businesses and the self-employed).

Picking a WordPress theme – and learning how to customize.

Tackling Pixelmator – lots of nice videos on YouTube for this powerful Mac graphics program – which I will use to re-do my cover in a more powerful way (sez me) – and permission from my friend Jon Gwenn to use his photos, for real and in writing.

Learning and starting to use Wattpad (don’t worry, they’re way behind here for serializing). I hope to have PC Book 1 serialized several places as the easy start to reading. And of course I hope no one who reads past a couple of chapters won’t stay for the long haul – we’ll see.

Writing – remember that part? And editing – the last chapters are in rough shape, and no one sees them that way.

Plus: learning to walk with my new AFOs; riding the bike; some tiny amount of weeding; paperwork for my Dad; family stuff; …

The list seems endless – and didn’t come with any more energy attached. I get things done by an iron discipline: two hours up – and get thee to bed for that nap; repeat. Boring – but at least some things are getting done.

Additional beta readers welcome – contact me if you’d like to participate (and get to read things earlier).

Typo reports extremely welcome! Thanks!

PRIDE’S CHILDREN Table of Contents

~ ~ ~

PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 15, Scene 2  [Kary]

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013-2014.


6 thoughts on “Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 15, Scene 2

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      They tell you to ‘act as if’ something were true – I’m trying very hard to do just that – focusing on the tasks I will have to have accomplished as if it were true.

      It is a weird feeling – but better than getting there and finding out you missed something important – and you can’t do X.

      It doesn’t all have to be done WELL – but it has to be done. You’ve been through it – I haven’t. The first time is a whole lot scary.


      1. J.M. Ney-Grimm

        The first time is a whole lot scary.

        Too true! I remember doing the paperwork for “doing business as” Wild Unicorn Books, getting a business checking account, and (most terrifying of all) penetrating the mysteries of PayPal! None of it was truly that hard, but it was all unfamiliar, and there were a lot of i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed.

        Strangely, if I had to do it all again, I would probably be just as stressed, because I’ve forgotten most of the details on those do-it-once-and-it’s-done tasks. Knowing that I had done it before would help. Doing it the first time, I clung to the fact that others before me had done it and succeeded. 😀


        1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          I’m trying to be very strict about which things are necessary NOW (new cover, new website, EIN) and which are possible hold-offs: the business checking account (only necessary if you’re already putting in more than the minimum – or expect to because they charge by the month is your don’t), SEO (c’mon – finish the thing first – SP’ers can always optimize – get it about right, move on for now), etc.

          Which requires not frantically wanting everything NOW. Breathe. Repeat. And the world will not end. As I remind myself 10 times a day.


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