Added PRIDE’S CHILDREN – Chapter 15, Scene 7

Posted this week is Chapter 15, Scene 7 (1.15.7).

What a week! Very little walking, but today I did part of the fertilizing of our third of an acre – sprinkling Hollytone on myrtle, perennials, pachysandra, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, and miscellaneous bushes and trees. With walking being a little easier.

And here is this week’s quote (thanks,

I left the rest of the fertilizing to a nice young man who is helping with the yard – we are getting too old for some of these things. Not that we can’t get to them, but that they lead to sore days after, and it takes us forever – instead of most of the job being completed in a day or two of someone else’s time.

And, ahem, if I’m having some good time, I have a book to finish – and I can’t farm that out (nor do I want to – I’m having too much fun). The beta reader is happy with the latest (Phew! – thanks, Rachel).

Additional beta readers welcome – contact me if you’d like to participate (and get to read things earlier). Pride’s Children is a mainstream contemporary novel, suitable for mature adolescents and adults, set in the world of those who entertain the rest of us. It asks questions such as who is allowed to want? And what matters in the long run? And how will fame and fortune break you? And who is foe and who is friend?

Typo reports, etc., extremely welcome! Thanks!

PRIDE’S CHILDREN Table of Contents

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PRIDE’S CHILDREN, Chapter 15, Scene 7  [Bianca]

Copyright by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt 2013-2014.


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