Time to help Wikipedia this year – where would we be without it?


This time every year some version of the Wikipedia fundraising banner appears. I automatically send them money – because, without Wikipedia, a writer can’t function. And my husband, now retired, still uses it all the time.

They are a NON-PROFIT and don’t ask much:

We survive on donations averaging about $15. Now is the time we ask. If everyone reading this gave $3, our fundraiser would be done within an hour.Donate link

While I’m at this, I’d also like to thank the invisible army of volunteers who write the information, edit it, update it, footnote it, and check each other for accuracy, all for nothing but being of service – to me.

Send them a few bucks – feel happy for the rest of the year.


4 thoughts on “Time to help Wikipedia this year – where would we be without it?

  1. chrismcmullen

    I think it works two ways. Once people donate, they’re more likely to return to it. 🙂 (Kind of like beta readers, who become more vested in the book. I have a post about this in the works…)



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