It’s Memorial Day Weekend…How will You Be Spending It?

When you have an online friend who is a veteran, who is disabled, and who is getting shafted – on two weeks notice, over the Memorial Day holiday (see his notes about having 10 days to respond to something that took 4 days in the mail, and arrived on a 3-day weekend, and think if you could respond that quickly).

He doesn’t talk much about being disabled – if you dig you will see the photos – of the metal alignment of his spine.

He’s like me – make the best of what you have left, spend your money carefully and wisely, and be cheerful – but this is outrageous, and I’m dismayed to find it is a large bunch of people.

We have this thing in this country called ‘due process.’ If it can take months to be evicted, how can they cut off benefits in 10 days?


13 thoughts on “It’s Memorial Day Weekend…How will You Be Spending It?

  1. Alice Audrey

    It is certainly a travesty what they are doing to him. I hope there really will be a due process involved at some point that helps. (Get those papers in DC!) Still, with something like this happening four times in his life, I have to say he has the worst luck.


  2. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

    Disability hearings seem to be designed to make you feel like the lowest form of human; I had three before it was granted, and that was only because the system had changed. Three hearings – that’s calling you a liar.

    The preparation is the most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done.

    I LOVED work. I’d be going past retirement age if they’d let me.

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    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      It’s the lack of recourse which gets me. And the lack of any warning – 10 days? That’s absurd.

      DC and I have been chatting online for years – he’s exactly the solid kind of American that should not have trouble with these programs – just like me, he’d work if it were possible to be anything near a reliable useful employee.

      AND he’s a veteran. I could never have done that.


      1. The DC

        I just got back. Not going to go into it here (too public),but for the hundreds of victims like me who were there (some in wheelchairs,some with their benefits being their only means of supporting their children),it’s bad,really really bad. Prayers greatly appreciated,my friend :/


        1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          Prayers I can and will do. Keep us posted. Stop calling them benefits, though – maybe ‘insurance payouts’ or something that reminds listeners that we all pay into the system, so some us us can take out when we NEED to. This isn’t a government benefit that is randomly given. We EARN it. We BUY it.

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        2. The DC

          EXCATLY,WE paid for this…these moneys do not belong to the SSA,the government in general,or even the President (they owe us,since they borroewed heavily from it and have yet to repay it back…),it’s OUR money that we paid for,every shift worked,every tax dollar paid….they seem to forget that.

          Thank you (intensely) for the prayers and support,my good friend 🙂

          After a visit with my former atorney’s office yesterday,and havign been spoken to very rudely/disrespectfully on the phone by a Social Security worker yesterday (after being on hold/trying to get through for over an hour and a half,mind you….),I am past being fearful,worried,stressed or full of anxiety,even withthe threats I took from what was said by the SSA about all of this to the hundreds of others like myself affected (not to mention the hundreds that I personally saw yesterday…),that fire and drive that burns deep within every man and woman who has/is/will served in the military was awakened by this,and it is now my personal mission to fight this wrongful (potentailly illegal) action taken against me/us by the government until my last breath (or until my family’s income is restored anyways 😛 ,including the $36,000+ in “back pay” that we were denied/cheated out of in 2001).

          I have but 2 tools at my disposal…my drive,and (which btw,has access to contact information to nearly every form of news media or entities on the planet,as well as access to any wrong/illegal doings by anyone and everyone involved in this,from Representative Speier in Ca to the SSA…I will find it,and expose it for all to see if humanly possible).

          In short (and apologies for the words I chose to use here)…they pissed off the wrong disabled US Army Veteran. Look for blog posts coming.


        3. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          Don’t apologize for heartfelt words. And I am hoping your work – and it will be work – is successful quickly.

          They did, indeed, piss off the wrong guy.

          Please keep me posted – and leaving links to your blog is always fine.

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        4. The DC

          I will,and thank you,my friend 🙂 Now I’m off to fax most of (I was not given time to do all of it) what is required to file appeals,LOL,ttys 🙂


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