A blogger’s story: venality will out


If you have been reading along here at all, you would have noticed, starting Memorial Day, that my friend, TheDisabledCyclist, is caught in a mess not of his own making, as part of a group of about 900 families whose SSD benefits were abruptly cut off by the SS Administration, and were thrown into the middle of a battle because they chose the wrong attorney to represent them (picked out of a phone book, DC said) when they won their disability cases.

It is becoming a thriller, with a cast of villains – a lawyer being accused of corruption, and destruction of an unbelievable amount of records. Something fishy AT the SSA (there is ALWAYS an insider side), where the SAME records have ALSO mysteriously disappeared – though the are required to keep them forever.

And a whole bunch of innocent victims.

And the really horrible part, people taking their own lives because they can’t see a way out.

I’m not going to rewrite his words, but the last three updates he’s posted are starting to read like a novel of epic proportions:

So It Takes a Nano-second to Unlawfully Stop People’s Incomes,and How Long to Pay Them? (June 7)

SSA Fiasco Update (June 9)

SSA Fiasco Update (June 11)

I’m boosting his signal a bit.

Feel free to do the same – the more widely this is known, the more likely it will be investigated properly. And the facts of the case become evidence.

And, if there is someone out there looking to write the story, contact DC.



5 thoughts on “A blogger’s story: venality will out

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I hope it helps in some way – this needs to be written up – keep good notes. Keep clippings. Take pictures. Collect and print things online – copy and scan paper, and put copies on Dropbox or something – so they are safe.

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      1. The DC

        Exactly (great advice 😉 ). I had a battery of xrays taken today. Mostly old news to me,but the tech ran to catch me on my way out (it wasn’t hard,I’m BARELY walking with pretty severe pain doing so these last few days as I’m suffering a hip flare-up). She said she needed to retake 2 poses,as (my terminology,not hers 😉 XD) that ‘boney little nub’ that protrudes from teh top-most vertibrea as the skull sits down onto didn’t come out very good in the two she’d taken already”,she said ” it looks…like it isn’t there…in the film”–this is old news to me,as it’s broken off,I explained that to her. She looked horrified and said “then you don’t need to be out here walking around then!”. I laugh a bit at her response (as it’s brand new info to her),but this is one of many reasons that “The Disabled Cyclist” is both drawing disability to begin with,and why he’s actually not a cyclist anymore (reguardless of how desperately he wishes to be sometimes,sigh :/ )


        1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          You certainly don’t need the additional stress of something that was already SETTLED.

          Stress exacerbates EVERYTHING: and the kind of chronic stress this has added to your already-full plate is not helping. Since it won’t be a fast process, be sure you are practicing ALL your stress-relieving methods, whatever works (except the bad ones – those are unsustainable over the long run).

          But I find I can’t concentrate when I’m worried; I don’t imagine it’s easy for anyone.

          I don’t necessarily believe that depression is anger turned inward, as some say, but in this case be careful.

          Remember, it’s not your fault you got caught in the crossfire. SS has been paying your former attorney just fine – it was up to them to vet him (since he was doing a lot of cases), not you.

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