Pride’s Children Cover, Book Description Reveal

PC: Book 1

Pride’s Children: Purgatory — Book One of the Trilogy

~ ~ ~


“I, KARENNA ELIZABETH Ashe, being of sound mind, do… But that’s it, isn’t it? Being here proves I am not of sound mind…

So begins Book One of the Pride’s Children trilogy: Kary immediately regrets the misplaced sense of noblesse oblige which compels her to appear, live on national television—at exorbitant personal cost.

What she cannot anticipate is an entanglement with Hollywood that destroys her carefully-constructed solitudinarian life.

A contemporary mainstream love story, in the epic tradition of Jane Eyre, and Dorothy L. Sayers’ four-novel bond between Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, Pride’s Children starts with a very public chance encounter, and eventually stretches over three separate continents.

~ ~ ~

Colm Herron, Irish author of The Wake (And What Jeremiah Did Next), The Fabricator, and Further Adventures of James Joyce: “I was there, Alicia. THERE, in that sweaty studio, aware of the audience, rooting for Kary, contemptuous of Dana until, well, until I saw for sure that she was more than a plastic chat-show hostess. I wondered what Andrew was thinking. I could guess. I think his snort was involuntary and then thought better of. No better tribute can I pay than all that I’ve written above. I don’t make this comment idly. This to me is top gear.”

Herbert Collins (Saskatchewan), reader: “I feel Andrew’s emotions, and feel for him. You have successfully given your readers a story that appeals to men and women. It is wonderfully written.” and “Pride’s Children has helped me to look inside myself and see many things I need to see and deal with. I have never read a work of fiction that has touched me so powerfully! I love it and will be rereading many times.”

J. E. Hallows, author of Rebellious Rogue: “I’ve just finished reading Pride’s Children [Book 1]. That last chapter was beautiful. Probably the most moving chapter of all, which is a great way to end the story.”

Kevin Gebhard, American actor, screenwriter, and author of The Steeps: “You’re right-on. It’s hard to believe you’re not writing this from [a movie] set.” or “You really know how to write this stuff—like you were tucked in a coffee shop on Rodeo Drive (I lived in L.A. for five years).” and “Oh, to be in a writer’s head. Living amongst imaginary people. What could be better? But then comes the actual writing part. You caught it all.”

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

The above is the description that will accompany the ebook on Amazon (and be the back cover copy for the POD version as soon as I get that ready).

Here is my entire marketing plan (I need to write Books 2-3):

  1. Until publication later this week (I hope before November 1, 2105), if you have been following along and reading as I put Pride’s Children, Book One, up on this blog, and would like an eARC (electronic Advance Reading Copy), email me at abehrhardt [AT] gmail, and I will email you back your preferred format: epub, mobi, or pdf. ARCs are usually sent to reviewers, but I don’t have the energy to do that – and continue writing. IF YOU CHOOSE, you can then write a review (preferably without spoilers) which you can put up on Amazon AFTER I launch (save it until then – I don’t want to even see them until/unless they are officially posted by the reviewer – do not tempt me!). IF you write a review, please include ‘I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion’ in the review, as per Amazon’s requirements, or they may decide to remove your review (as you will not be a ‘verified purchase.’)
  2. As soon as I launch (there will be another post announcing the date and time), Pride’s Children will be on sale for $0.99 for three days. Reviews from ‘verified purchasers’ welcome anytime from here on, too.
  3. After that, I will put it in KDP Select, and enroll PC in Kindle Unlimited AND raise the price to its publication price of $8.99.
  4. When the book has been up long enough (30 days minimum) AND the POD is available for sale (dunno how long that will take me, as it includes mailing proof copies from Createspace to me), I will run a Kindle Countdown Deal, something KDP-Select allows once every 90 days, and you will have a chance to acquire it at 0.99, 1.99, … over a period of 7 days, until it is back at 8.99.
  5. I don’t know when there might be another Countdown Deal; I’m only thinking as far as the first, but wouldn’t be able to do another for several months in any case.

~ ~ ~

Thank you to followers, readers, and commenters – you have kept me sane for the past two years while I posted this, and we are at the starting gate for…?

Wish me luck. Joe Konrath insists there is a huge element of luck involved. I’ve now done all I can do.

I can’t wait to get to polishing Books 2 and 3.


18 thoughts on “Pride’s Children Cover, Book Description Reveal

  1. donnainthesouth

    oh, and have you already ordered your proof copies from Createspace because I was advised by my resident CS author that she doesn’t order the proof ones but actual ones so she can see exactly how they’ll look for sale, just a thought – got mine!


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      If you follow, the emails give you advance warning of sales and, when I get to them, new things like a print version, and, it is hoped, soon Books 2 and 3.

      Good luck on yours.

      Thanks for the idea about the proof copy.


  2. Janna G. Noelle

    Congratulations, Alicia, and good job on the cover! You must be so proud and excited to be so close to releasing this work into the world as a complete product. And excited to soon return to writing books 2 and 3, I’m sure. 😉


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks, Janna. It is exciting.

      After all that work, the upload was anticlimactic: I created a nice clean epub – and uploaded it without a single hitch. I’m still in shock. Amazon asked me about the spellings of a few words (all which I had chosen to write that way), and plopped an ASIN # on my screen. It went from Pending to Publishing in about ten minutes; another 20 and it is listing Live as its status (but they will send me an email when it’s all up – and it wasn’t yet).

      And now I’m trying to persuade myself to go to bed. I don’t usually allow myself adrenaline, and I’m not allowing much right now, but it is hard – I’ve been working on this for FIFTEEN years. Now let’s find out if anyone will read it. Beyond my friends, of course.

      Hope you get there with your editing soon – it is a heady experience. I am now ‘published,’ Huh.


  3. clairechase51

    You have no idea how excited I was to see this post and the beautiful cover of your book. I am so happy for you and can hardly wait for its publication. You’ve done the work….and then some. I am so proud of you and wish you the very best. I am ready to read it!!


  4. The DC

    Take a deep breath,my friend,you’re almost there now! Cover looks good,and the description is great. Wishing you th ebest of luck in sales once it’s released (it will have to coincide with a payday,but we’ll be buying a copy 😀 )



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