Do I HAVE TO write an Amazon Review?

 Do I HAVE TO write a review for PRIDE’S CHILDREN?

Heavens, NO – you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

EVEN IF you said you would consider writing a review and I sent you an electronic ARC (Advance Reading Copy). The relevant word is ‘CONSIDER.’

But it occurred to me after several queries that many of my readers so far are NOT previous Amazon book customers – or even customers at all.

Is this your first time?

However, if what’s keeping you from writing one is that this is your very first review ever, I’ll make it easy by making the whole process familiar.

[The only hard part may be that you have to have an Amazon account; I’ve had mine so long I don’t remember how to start one.]

Where to start: read Pride’s Children: PURGATORY, Book 1 of the Trilogy.

Go on; I’ll wait while you read. Estimated time: 10 hours.

Heck, if you haven’t, you can buy the book or borrow it if you have Kindle Unlimited or Prime! here.

Or get a reviewer copy from me (email me at abehrhardt [at] gmail).

How to write an Amazon review IF you want to (MECHANICS):

Go to the book’s page on Amazon.

Scroll down to the Customer Reviews (after all the product information)

Click the box which says:

image 1You will be taken to a page showing, for a book, this set of FOUR boxes:

image 2Once you click ANY of the four, the following shows up:

image 3As you click in a box on each line, you get the little checkmark that says ‘Posted.’

NOTE: all are OPTIONAL – you can skip any (except the first, which gets you here), quit any time, and change your mind any time, and come back later and change anything. Unless you want to write your own words into the review box, in which case you will have to click some number of stars.

Here is Amazon’s own guidance for the STAR RATING:

image 4

How to write an Amazon review IF you want to (CONTENT – your own opinion):

What to say now becomes the slightly tricky part. Pick an imaginary friend. Tell her or him what you liked about the book (picture yourself writing an email to your friend). Say what you would say is you were trying to convince your friend that the book is good and persuade your friend to buy/borrow and read it. Compose in the box – or somewhere else, and then cut and paste:

image 5Pick a few words for your headline (it can literally be anything from ‘My opinion about…’ to ‘You will regret it if you don’t read this’) – the same words your would use in the Subject line of that imaginary email to your friend.

image 6Preview if you wish.

And click Submit.

You’ve completed your review!

That’s it – you’re finished writing a review. And have earned the author’s eternal gratitude. Not just mine – after you do one, you realize you’ve been wanting to express your opinion on a NUMBER of products – and I have launched you on your journey toward being a Top Amazon Reviewer and getting cool stuff sent to you to review.

Remember, you don’t have to – even if you said you would. This is an entirely VOLUNTARY activity on the part of the reader.

My FAVORITE response (thought reviews come a very close second) is still if you like Pride’s Children and want to see Book 2, tell your friends.

Any questions? Oh, and authors don’t need to see the reviews before they’re posted. This is a READER process – and we’re supposed to stay out.


2 thoughts on “Do I HAVE TO write an Amazon Review?

  1. juliabarrett

    I don’t review anything except for nonfiction these days. The Amazon bots will pull any other review– or at least I worry that will happen.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      We writers reviewing other writers these days have to look into the Editorial Reviews category – and make it our own. There is a place for readers who aren’t writers to review – without any prejudice except their own opinion; there should – and I think is – a place for writers, clearly identified as such, to review based on their own expertise. The author then has the option of including some of those under Editorial Reviews – but I believe can do it only once, which makes the author stop and think what she wants in that category and whether to wait for other, ‘better.’ reviews to come along.

      And there’s always the books’ website – the author can (and I will, as soon as I get these cats herded) make reviews from other writers welcome.

      I don’t think there’s a problem with writers reviewing; what there is a problem with is conflict of interest and/or quid pro quos. We’ll see. Readers can keep the system pure if they will review honestly and frequently.



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