I can prove I talk too much


WordPress put together an annual report for me – and it says I have 73 posts this year, which, at an average of around a thousand words per post, would have made a decent-sized novel.

I have gathered ALL my notes, timelines, and calendars – Book 2 is well on its way.


3 thoughts on “I can prove I talk too much

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Certainly enough has happened – and it even has a happy ending which was not a given last January.

      BTW, that’s just the posted words, not counting the last half of Pride’s Children, and NOT counting the 30 MB of text I created this year in pursuing that half. When everything has to be out of your head before you can work with it, that a lot of words.

      IF I ever become famous, I have enough material for ‘The Making of Pride’s Children, the novel.’ Boring, probably, but definitely long. Who wants to read about constant writer angst and solutions? I read a wonderful book once, ‘The Making of Gone With the Wind’ about the filming of the movie, with hundreds of photos, at our local public library – Vivien Leigh had something like 70 costumes, and it talked all about her selection as Scarlett. Big fat book, fascinating from first to last page. I think they’ve reissued it for the 75th anniversary – it’s the kind of book for which $40 is cheap.

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