2016 and the writing of Pride’s Children


I beg your indulgence. I haven’t figured out which posts belong here (probably the general ones NOT about the books), and which on the Pride’s Children temporary blog. (new post over there, too, about the reviews slowly accumulating)

And the permanent site is still tangled in software I did not install myself, and which will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

There are a LOT of things on the to do list:

  • Writing Books 2 and 3
  • Fixing websites and blogs
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Audiobooks – should I decide to continue with my mad plan to produce the Read by Author version
  • Getting reviews for Book 1
  • Keeping up with Wattpad and WriteOn and…
  • Life

Unfortunately, there is only one of me, and I seem to be on the critical path in every one of these items, gumming up the works and slowing things down.

So you will have somewhat irregular blog postings, and occasional rants.

I thought writing was hard – but I can’t wait to get back to it – because the marketing, etc., is HARDER.

I have a bent for the writing, interest but little experience in the other, and tech skills to be developed on websites and blogs.

I’ll get there – I’m still enjoying all the bits and pieces, and it has been wonderful getting some feedback from complete strangers – and other feedback from some of the people I’ve been following online for the past four years and am in awe of.

But it may be slower than I’d like, because I want to push to make the writing faster, now that I kind of know what I’m doing in many writing areas. I think I can. I KNOW it won’t be fifteen years again, and I’d like to aim to get Book 2 finished in 2016.

Big goal – but if you don’t write them down, they have a tendency not to happen at all.

Wish me well. And I wish YOU well with your goals for 2016.

4 thoughts on “2016 and the writing of Pride’s Children

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I pace myself – or crash. The irons are only two, really, write Book 2 and market Book 1. I’m not going to write in public this time – it takes extra effort, and, even if I do it in the evening, takes energy away from the main tasks. Plus, I already did that.

      It was fine – my choice – and I learned a lot. I’ll keep blogging when I have something to say, which is weird, because I don’t think anyone listens, so I’m mostly writing to keep track of what I’ve figured out for myself, but that’s enough.

      As an introvert, I can’t handle too much, so the blog has been about the right size – and I’ve met lots of lovely people. I am content. Good enough, eh?


  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

    Until I’ve got this out of my head, stopping isn’t an option, so I appreciate your good wishes!

    It isn’t going to be easy – I’m up to my ears in revising structure before I start, and I though it was more or less finished – but it is only work. Work I can do.

    Hope you’re writing – if that’s where your heart is now. Sounds like your body is taking a pummeling. I’m so sorry.



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