Summer reading sale: Kindle Countdown for Pride’s Children

PC1 3D frontPride’s Children is on Kindle Countdown SALE at 0.99, US and UK!

For new followers – if you’ve liked my writing, here’s a chance to try my long-form fiction.

WARNING: not everyone likes it.

Decide for yourself!

Here are the links to go directly to the Amazon US and Amazon UK sites.

2 thoughts on “Summer reading sale: Kindle Countdown for Pride’s Children

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks for boosting my signal, Marian. The minute I have any extra energy, I’ll remember your kind offer.

      It’s the kind of thing I should be doing – and can’t right now. Frustrating, but my #1 task is writing NETHERWORLD. Andrew is sitting there in the first scene, wondering why I don’t just finish it up and get a move on! It’s ALMOST done. And there are a hundred or more in the queue right behind it. And I’m SLOW.

      After my ad comes out in the PAW in July, I am going to try VERY hard to stick to writing.



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