Pride’s Children: PURGATORY now collector’s item



You have to love Amazon, and the people who sell there (caveat emptor), but treat them with care.

I keep track of things (okay, I look too often at the sales pages), and notice the oddities.

Which today included MY book, USED, for sale at $319.93 (plus $3.99 shipping and handling – sheesh! You’d think that at that price they’d throw in the shipping and handling for free).

So if you bought the paper copy, you can amuse yourself with the thought that it is now ‘worth’ (here defined as ‘being offered for sale at that price’) almost 15 times what you paid for it.

And I’m not even famous yet!

And if it’s one of the few paper copies I sent to reviewers, and the offer were real (which I highly doubt, being of a skeptical nature), someone just made some real dollars off me as a writer. I wish them the best of luck!

I’m sure if I pursued this ‘sale’ past the cart at Amazon (which I got to), something would go wrong, or someone at the other end would quickly buy a paper copy and have it sent to me, and there would be laughing all the way to the bank if it actually went through.

But it’s a funny little bit in a world which has turned funny, too, lately, so I got my five cents worth of chuckle out of it – and pass it on to the loyal fans.

I’m sure you writers out there have had this happened – it’s just the first time for me.

BTW, NETHERWORLD is coming along nicely – maybe it will be worth even more!


10 thoughts on “Pride’s Children: PURGATORY now collector’s item

  1. Janna G. Noelle

    Haha! I do a lot of used shopping on Amazon and yes, you do see these sorts of exorbitant prices often. There was a rare CD I wanted once and people were selling it for hundreds of dollars. As if. Yet there must be some reason that sellers do this. It must actually sell ofte enough to make it worth keeping the stuff around rather than just sell it for $2 and get rid of it. Good luck with becoming part of someone’s collection!


      1. Janna G. Noelle

        I only ever had something not show up once (most likely lost in the mail because it wasn’t that expensive). I complained about it to Amazon and they gave me an immediate refund. They are very customer service oriented in that way.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Ditto here – the selling was through Amazon, but it came from a third party, and I didn’t pursue it at the time. I lost a whole $10. MY fault.

      Stuff from Amazon which doesn’t arrive is promptly refunded or replaced. No questions asked, unless you’re one of the people their data tells them is iffy. I think I’ve returned two things in the past 5 years – and we buy a lot there.


  2. J.M. Ney-Grimm

    Glad to hear that NETHERWORLD is coming along nicely. Yay!

    And, yes, the prices chosen by third party sellers on Amazon can be very amusing. I just had a Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (a tabletop adventure game set in Middle-earth) sell sometime last week. It’s out of print, and I get no money when someone buys a copy, but the third party sellers charge between $30 and $500 for them. 😉


  3. clairechase51

    How neat and how fun!! I’m keeping my books, however. 🙂 I’m excited to hear that Netherworld is coming along! Wonderful!!



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