Spending a rest and recovery day well

Tree in the fog. Text: A good listener is far rarer than a competent lover. Travis McGee


As you know if you read this blog on a regular basis, short isn’t my strong suit, though I do have a few Drabbles (100 words) posted here and on Wattpad.

My intention is to do some daily posts with no special topic that deserves a thorough treatment, but to post what’s going on.

I used the ‘almost well’ day to create a new cover for Too Late

And drag out all my graphics skills for a polish. I’m not quite back to writing fiction (that requires my whole brain), but there are still tasks that have been on the To Do list too long, and creating a cover for the short story prequel to Pride’s Children, Too Late, was one of them.

I went through a huge archive of my photos, looking for one that spoke to me, and didn’t have one of my children right in the middle of the foreground, the way I usually take pictures. It also had to be taken with a steady camera at a decent resolution. I’ll put the cover up tomorrow. The intent is to publish Too Late within the next day or so.

Mostly stayed off Facebook and didn’t watch TV

Wasn’t too hard – other people weren’t on either, and TV news is something I never watch anyway: they say the same thing over and over and over.

I’m not feeling all that chipper yet, so just as well. Just a few comments here and there on the blogs I visit – probably more inane than usual.

Read a bit of Travis McGee

Nightmare in Pink is where the quote came from. I didn’t go check – I’m probably paraphrasing. I can read John D. MacDonald over and over and over, and a few bits are dated, but nothing much has changed. I did notice Travis doesn’t like NYC – but then he’s a beach bum, and doesn’t like cities much. He’s right, though. Most people go through life without being listened to properly and enough. It doesn’t count if your listening time is spent deciding what YOU will say next.

But reading was a pleasure, because I’ve been so sick with the stupid coughing that I literally couldn’t focus on a page.

Getting ready for an ebook newsletter sale Jan. 22

I finally managed to get The Fussy Librarian newsletter to accept an ad for PC, which will appear on Sunday, Jan. 22, so I put it on sale as of today – I haven’t been getting to things in a timely manner lately, and they want you to make sure your sale price is in effect on the day your ad is shown.

That’s long enough for a short.

What did you do special today?

Oh, and thanks to Quozio – I hadn’t been able to use their software for a while, and I tried again today, and it worked.

6 thoughts on “Spending a rest and recovery day well

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Dearest Naleta:

      It’s been on this blog, under short fiction, forever – but I hadn’t explicitly identified it as part of the PC universe, because I couldn’t figure out how I wanted the cover to look. Yesterday, I took the bull by the horns, looked deeply into its eyes, and made some decisions.

      It was both easier and harder than the cover for PC: PURGATORY – easier because I’ve already made my decisions about fonts and layout (for this short story and the two remaining books), and decisions are REALLY hard when you know you’re going to put a lot of effort into something, as I did spending the summer of 2015 doing the cover for PC.

      Harder because there were new decisions (none of them permanent), and they are never going to be identical to the ones I’ve already made. And because my storage system for text and covers could use a huge cleanup, and because I had hope to palm at least some of this off on my assistant, and now she’s sick and I don’t know if I’ll get her back!

      And harder because I’ve been so sick I’ve been questioning my judgment about whether it was worth the time to do the short.

      Glad I did – am going to take a nap and get the thing published. You can still read it here, but the published versions will be al gussied up.

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