I’m sure my real scientific colleagues, the ones with PhDs and MSs and BSs and technician certificates and experience who have been doing science at the CDC before this miserable year, will find appropriate ways to get around Big Brother.

But they shouldn’t have to.

Yes, I know. Some of it is silly jargon, and sometimes overused, and God knows we scientists are nowhere near perfect.

But we CARE about our fellow humans, even the ones who… and we want them to be as happy, and especially healthy, as possible. And make their own adult choices about the number of children they can care for.

This above kind of nonsense wastes time, doesn’t produce anything, and is downright stupid as well as authoritarian and totalitarian and [insert your favorite here].

Meanwhile, it is my civic duty to make sure these words get their regular workout, so they are ready to serve when sanity returns.

Which it must, eventually.

While I’m at it:



and the men and women who drove voters to the polls and got their friends and neighbors to register, and forced their fear down just long enough. Each American gets ONE vote, regardless of income or social standing.

Thank you, Founding Fathers. And those who have added the rest of us to the rolls of voters with the constitutional amendments and Supreme Court decisions.

May Doug Jones serve ALL the people of ALABAMA, who will be better off.

And my usual gratitude to Stencil for the ability to produce images for posts.

Forgive me for yelling.

4 thoughts on “CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in suport of CDC

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      If climate control isn’t safe, nor National Monuments, and totally incompetent people can be installed at the head of agencies such as Education and HHS, with their plans to remove healthcare access to ‘save money’ which they plan to give in tax cuts for the rich, it isn’t surprising that things like this happen.

      Plus, casting distractions in all directions helps hide (they think) misbehavior in other areas they are trying to sweep under the rug, it isn’t surprising. They are trying to hew to the agenda of fundamentalists – they will need voters in the future, and the liberals aren’t on their side – so these attacks on easy targets which cost them nothing will continue to be made.


  1. marianallen

    This got my dander up, too, but it’s false. The “forbidden” words didn’t come from the White House, they came from within the CDC, and they’re only not to be used in their budget request. The reason is that those are trigger words for Republicans. Refraining from using those particular words in the budget request will increase the chance of the request being granted smoothly.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Trigger words lead to failed funding; and constrained scientists. How exactly are you going to worry about the health of transgenders if you can’t talk about it? Easier to do something else.

      A large part of the fight over funding for my own disease, variously known as CFS or ME or ME/CFS, is over who qualifies for what – and I just know my life is as constrained as it gets, and there has been no help in the almost three decades I’ve had it.

      Words matter. This particular set of words matters very much to me. And I don’t see substitutes for most of them which will NOT trigger the Republicans. So the TOPICS won’t get covered, except where they get snuck in under something else.

      The Washington Post has good sources; I like them better than the NYT.

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