Welcome, drive-by lurker and reader


It has happened a number of times, so I will remark on it: I get up in the morning, and, while drinking Diet Coke #1 (my preferred form of caffeine), I check my blog stats, and lo and behold, there has been a jump in ‘views.’

The pattern is the same: though there may be many views of the archives, I assume it’s mostly one new person because a whole bunch of posts get a single view. I think this person may visit the archives page to see which posts might be attracting a few minutes of their attention.

But they never leave a comment or a like or a name or…

And so, for those of you in this category, first I say Welcome!

And then I suggest that you leave a thought. A comment on a post somewhere. An opinion. A like. Even an argument, if civilly stated. I love to get readers, and I like even better having my conversational gambits (for that is what blog posts are, conversation starters) taken up by someone new.

I won’t sell you anything (beyond the gentle suggestion that if you like my prose enough to read that many posts, you might enjoy my fiction (free short stories available, one novel ditto on Amazon, and more to come). But it’s always nice to know who’s listening.

Stay a bit. Chat. Visit with an idea or another commenter (I don’t turn comments off for older posts). Gimme a few words back.

I don’t bite – I just have opinions, which I like to support with whatever data I have.

The internet of ideas depends on you, too.

9 thoughts on “Welcome, drive-by lurker and reader

  1. patpaxtonbooks

    Invitation accepted! Thank you. This is my first visit. I found your photo of the fire, mug, and comfy slippers too appealing to pass up. I saw one of your comments on Marian Allen’s page, so I just thought I’d say howdy. I’m new to blogging, and have my first novel coming out “sometime soon” they tell me. Trying to make some new friends. So stop by yourself sometime and leave a comment as well. Beware, it may be crowded because I’m up to two whole followers now. Mocking me is acceptable, even encouraged. If you read my posts, you’ll probably fine ample opportunity to do so. There’s even a picture of me in a big poofy white wig. Thanks.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Mocking is counterproductive for the nice people. Welcome – feel free to comment on anything.

      Congratulations on having a book coming out – there’s no feeling like it.

      White wig? Huh. Will have to check that out.


    2. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Oh, and the best advice I can give anyone is to read The Passive Voice ten times daily (and the comments – very engaging community) and all of Kris Rusch’s blog posts, especially those about contracts.

      Those are very important blogs; you’ll find more if you already read those, but I don’t think I’ve seen your name there?


  2. joey

    I find if I have written a comment elsewhere, and it gets several likes, I get a jump in stats, like people think I’m brilliant and funny everywhere — alas, I’m not. LOL
    I have gobs of lurkers. Gobs. I judge them.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I think lurkers are very shy. When I started blogging, the insecurity was major. Now, I’m more or less relaxed at it, occasionally put out something mildly controversial – and get some fascinating comments – but I’m no longer afraid to just put my opinion out there. It’s not the end of the world, and I do maintain civility. Just interesting talks with interesting people.

      You’re doing just fine – have fun. Occsionally you get someone who sticks, that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

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      1. joey

        Yes, I realize now I enjoy my regular readers, and my time is much more restricted, so I don’t make the rounds like I used to. It’s not fair and probably not good for stats, but I’m content.

        I love having the nice interactions with the people. I learn so much here!


  3. rosiebooks2009

    Are you sure it’s an actual reader? I ask for two reasons: I recall another blogger mentioning that someone seemed to be rapidly reading every one of his posts and it was a bit creepy. Second, someone or something regularly reads selected old posts of mine, once. All these puzzling ‘ones’ seem to be there when I wake up! And ONE more recent (and not very good , in my opinion) post gets precisely three reads every single day – I get tired of seeing it. I wonder if this mystery reader is in fact some kind of search engine or ‘bot’, maybe looking for places to leave spam. Only a thought.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Could be, could be – but it seems odd.

      I do the exact thing when I discover a new blog I like – read a lot of the old posts.

      But I usually leave some likes, some comments, and possibly a note to the blogger behind. To be polite, y’know. To appreciate the effort someone put out. To show them (sometimes I’m the only commenter for a while) there are people reading.

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