New review post on Pride’s Children site


If you’ve wondered where I’ve been, part of is these last two weeks has been entertaining a guest: Mr. FLU.

And yes, I did get the flu shot back in October (I always get one), and every year as far back as I remember; possibly that’s why the worst effects lasted about a week.

But getting over the whole thing is no picnic. I am on tissues with extra softness – by necessity. I can’t wait for my heart rate, which went up to 100 bpm and stayed there for days during the worst part (normally, for me, around 60-66) is driving me crazy because it is still hanging up there at almost 80. It’s exhausting in itself.

Life and my Universes

Also had lovely houseguests.

And today, by dint of I don’t know what force, I finished a scene I started, according to my notes, on Jan. 21. Way too long, but had only sketchy notes as to what absolutely had to go in it, no rough draft for this one, and no brain. I swear it feels no different, finished, than the ones I have more to go on than a title and several Dramatica appreciations. I even listened to it in the robot voice, and can pronounce myself satisfied (if I ever get there).

New post (with cookies) – thanks, Stencil.

New post at Pride’s Children with a lovely new review that has lifted my spirits.

Said spirits have been on a rollercoaster ride; still trying to figure out how to post about the stress load I’m carrying – and will be until we’ve moved.

Be well.


5 thoughts on “New review post on Pride’s Children site

  1. Nita Thatcher

    I think once Flu Season is over you will bounce back a bit. Sure hope so! Just keep plugging away whenever you are able. NO pressure!


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I sure hope so, Nita. I didn’t realize how completely post-flu can sap your will to do anything.

      I forced myself to finish the scene I’ve been working for almost a month: I blocked the internet, then told myself I could go at least look at it. When I saw it wasn’t TOO hard to figure out a path to the end that incorporated the pieces and gave me some good dialogue, I just kept going. If I hadn’t done most of the work already, this wouldn’t have done squat.

      But it’s rare I can push myself, as you know from experience.

      I’m so BORED. I have the time – and no drive.

      I’m even blase about the wonderful athletes at the olympics.



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