Status post March 7, 2018



A quick update to anyone wondering why there haven’t been any posts in a while. Busy, is why, and no brain.


We are moving at the moving thing. Have had professionals in (yeah, we’re too old to do this one) for almost every aspect of the process of getting this house ready for sale. A person with CFS can’t do this. A person with CFS is doing this. Ergo, very little writing stuff.

New Jersey:

Just had a huge load of snow dumped on us. And it’s still snowing. At least 4″, maybe more, and the neighbor’s car is stuck in the street outside my house. Will it finally be our last one here? Depends on Mother Nature.


Still the goal (I hope), but we haven’t been able to get out there to look, so aren’t even on a waiting list. The process slowly accumulates data, though. I have a better idea of what to look for in end-of-life care after our parents have all gone before us from Jan. 2014 to Jan. 2018. They all lived long lives (91, 91, 94, and 97), and we will always miss them. Some of their later years were NOT fun – possibly we can learn from them. One thing we HAVE learned is to get out of this house and leave affairs in tidy order, because it gets much harder with age. I simply can’t imagine how other people wait until they’re 85!


Still working on getting reviews – just got a very nice one from the Midwest Book Review. Found a few tiny typos in PC1, and am just perfectionist enough to be in the middle of reloading the corrected files, and just human enough to tell you there are two errors of typography that I cannot correct. I have failed, they “doesn’t shows,” as my Uncle Charlie would say, and they will stay there to avoid tempting fate. 2011 Mac version of Word is to blame, and no, I’m not telling you what they are. I have some Pride.

Pride’s Children: NETHERWORLD

Sent off the next finished chapter to my beta reader last week. I am proofing and editing solidly before sending things out now, a chapter at a time, but long chapters (13K) take a while to research, write, and edit. I hope the rest goes a bit faster, but can’t wait until I’m someplace else and all the junk is gone, even if I have a simple table and one chair.


Finally agreed to try a new blood pressure med, Diovan, an “angiotensin II receptor antagonist,” whatever that is, supposedly with fewer side effects. After the debacle of last year, the only thing that made me reconsider is that I’m under quite a bit of stress right now, and occasionally get BP spikes in the evening, an alarming state of affairs. If I can find something I can tolerate that does its job, possibly I can avoid blowing a gasket until we’re resettled. Started up my cardiac rehab again (up to 75% of before) after getting the flu – and being out of commission for three weeks. Plus the flu gave me higher blood pressure, and kicked my nice low 60-66 heart rate up to 100 – MOST uncomfortable, because I COULD not meditate it lower. There are many reasons your BP can be up – perfectly reasonable reasons, but that doesn’t protect you from the consequences, so I’m being sensible. Again, assuming I can tolerate something. Not hopeful, but maybe it’ll give me a breather. Oh, and I’m in the process of finding a cardiologist who doesn’t RAISE my BP. Wish me luck. NOTE: since I started taking the stuff 3 days ago, I haven’t been able to THINK, but then there is that stress…

So that’s it, my pretties. Boring as all get out, but you are updated in case you were wondering, and I’m trying to do about ten times more than I can (sang in church again, FINALLY, the last two Sundays). And resting aggressively so I can be there mentally for my assistant as I am the final arbiter for dejunking. Hate it, hope a lot of it will be over soon, and I can get back to my nice calm writing.

And how are YOU?

13 thoughts on “Status post March 7, 2018

  1. joey

    I’m fit to be tied which reduces my ability to write clearly about pleasantries. I did so enjoy reading yours. I’m glad you’re still making progress with the moving and hope your new medicine is of great help to you. The snow is beautiful, too bad it causes so many problems.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      The medicine has given me the week from hell: no brain, no writing, nothing done, and wave after wave of pain, even after I cut the dose in half. And the doctor’s office never calls back.

      I’ve had TWO usable hours in a whole week..

      I need something I can tolerate, which will do the job. Two small requirements. I hate the trials – they always cost me pain and other side effects, and mess with my brain good. I’ve now tried 3 of the 6 kinds of blood pressure meds, won’t try one (diuretics – bad for people trying to maintain blood volume, like someone with CFS), and the three I’ve tried have all been disasters. They don’t understand the concept that I’m sensitive to medications. Maybe she thinks she’s got it. I don’t care any more. In the middle of changing cardiologists, and trying to survive this test.

      Can’t get out of here at this speed! And more snow on the way. Going for a nap.

      Tell me you’re having a better week. What’s this ‘fit to be tied’? Shareable? Or should I just send sympathy and virtual hugs?


  2. Alice Audrey

    To my amazement most of the snow melted under a nice, long rain. Some of the hiking paths are still slick and slushy, which is particularly bad on a hill. I expect us to get snowed in again at least once more before May.

    I’m back on my diet and exercise program. My BP is a little high, but I expect improvements. Since I’m not moving, I don’t need to worry like you. I think you’re smart to address the BP issues. Like you said, the fallout from not lowering it could be bad. Hopefully things will stabilize nicely once you are settled in.

    I meant to get a Suzie’s House spin off book done now, but lost my critique partners. I’m hoping to get them back later.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks – they are positive steps – and each one has a flavor of ‘last timeI do…’

      Can’t be helped, and we will take our old memories with us, and make new ones in the next place, but I do get misty-eyed a bit. NOT over the snow. Though it’s pretty.

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  3. singlespeedsteve42

    I was,actually (wondering where my friend had been,why you weren’t posting),thank you for the update. Y’all have been and will continue to be in our prayers ^_^

    As for “How are you?”,I’ll shoot you an email about something that I don’t want public later tonight or tomorrow 🙂


  4. clairechase51

    Thanks for your update! For someone with CFS, I’m amazed at all you have in your plate. Little by little you will get it done. You are role modeling steps I need to take as well, simplifying my life, getting rid of things, etc. Sigh!!!
    Take care, friend. Sending an abrazo and beso.



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