Donating royalties for May 2018 to #MEACTION

Computer, coffee, phone. Text: May 2018 royalties for ME/CFS, Put us back to work, Please, Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

May is ME/CFS Awareness Month – the big day is MAY 12th.


This is my contribution to the campaign – as a writer.

Please pop over to Pride’s Children’s blog if you haven’t seen the post (same as the Facebook post) – and consider getting or gifting a copy – this disease has millions of us WORLDWIDE missing from life. We’d love to get back to work!


2 thoughts on “Donating royalties for May 2018 to #MEACTION

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      ‘Twould be better if they gave me a bit of a push on the official site – that helps sales, which will help me give them a bigger donation. Not up to me past this point.

      When David Tuller mentioned me on his fundraiser page, I sold eight at full price – and donated $50 more. A bit of publicity for me which costs them nothing – and a donation I can give a good cause.

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