The fight for more than survival

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Mostly boxes


This was us last week, after quite a bit of finagling once the movers did their job – and moved most of our stuff into the one bedroom apartment at the URC complex in Davis, Ca.

A bunch more boxes were stored directly in the ‘Resident Storage’ locker (no, they don’t store the RESIDENTS there). Those were raided a bit by husband in search of the lighter frying pan (I hate electric stoves even more now than before) and a few necessary significant items (dish drainer, etc., which had been packed in the bigger boxes at the last minute, along with the framed paintings).

When we’re a little tidier, I’ll show you the layout, but, aside from having to switch walls on the TV because the cable outlet was on the wrong wall, we are almost out of boxes that must be unpacked immediately.

Today is a happy day – which is why I can blog

I probably mentioned that, way back on July 3, 2018, I lost control of my computer (the internal hard drive didn’t have enough space for a proper recovery, even after restarting), and I haven’t been able to write in my Pride’s Children: NETHERWORLD files since then.

NOR extract anything from my files, which means I also owe my Patreon site posts on methodology and process and glimpses into the background of my weird and wonderful writing way. I cobbled together the promised posts for serializing NETHERWORLD, and scheduled a bunch of those in advance, but I haven’t been able to produce the ones which give some people the writer’s equivalent of a ‘backstage pass.’

Which is one of the reasons I started that page, so patrons can poke behind the scenes if they wish.

Well, my dears, today I recovered access to my Scrivener files, and haven’t gone any further because one major happiness per day (at a great cost in energy) is about as much as I can take and still function tomorrow.


If you don’t care, skip this heading.

The short version was:

One hour of paid time with a local Mac guru who couldn’t fix it.

Over an hour on the phone with a lovely man with the nickname of ‘JT’ at Apple Customer Support who hung with me as we delved into permissions on the High Sierra operating system.

Over an hour today with the Scrivener knowledge base: the first article that showed up  when I searched for ‘permission’ was the exact thing I needed.

Plus everything I learned when talking to these people and reading stuff online.

So I’m quite pleased that I was able to put all this together (the Apple guy bowed out when it became obvious that it might be a problem with the Scrivener part) in my pretty little head, and figure out that I needed to get a copy on a writable medium, go through a bunch of steps to make the permissions affected by my unorthodox method of upgrading give me access to my own files (the Mac had come to know me as both Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt and aliciabutcherehrhardt, and I still don’t know how to disabuse it of the personality split).

There is probably a better way, and a way to do this in big batches, and possibly a way to mend the great personality divide, but I’m satisfied for now.

And it was my prime missing part to the move.

No point in just complaining on the blog, is there?

You guys pay me for solutions, not problems.

Hehe, as the kids say.

That, and getting stains out of husband’s favorite T-shirt with a toothbrush, laundry detergent (we haven’t bought bleach yet), and a toothbrush which will remain dedicated to the purpose of laundry, have made this a good day.

The two biggest problems with a CCRC



Both absolutely great – but I don’t think I can have dessert at a restaurant every night, and expect to fit into my bathing suit; and having dinner with new people almost every night is a whole heck of a lot more socializing than I’ve done in a long time!

We’re managing both: big salad before dinner, and scheduling dinners ahead two or three times a week (the hospitality chair dropped off an actual paper calendar – and its getting USED).

I had to call an old friend – we’ve been here three weeks tomorrow, and she needed to hear from me – so we’re going to go get dinner (5:30 is so EARLY), and then maybe, if it settles down, go swimming afterward.

Or crash, and try again tomorrow.

Best decision I ever made

The weather is California, late summer, and the humidity is really low.

Everything is in the same building.

I’m still trying to find an adult trike to ride; promises were made about there being one here which will have to be pursued.

There are so many convenient exercise and fitness classes that I’ve already overdone it.

You have to work hard to get your money’s worth – but we will do it.

Not the slightest desire to return to the East Coast.

Over and out for now, and I’ll try to find something more interesting for the blog next time, but this is our life now, and we’re making it work. Husband is on the Security team for the Bizarre Bazaar – starting this week. I unpacked a copy of Pride’s Children: PURGATORY, and delivered it to the library – maybe I’ll find a few readers here.

And I’m getting back to work on NETHERWORLD tomorrow. Promise. Go catch up on the chapters already posted there.

And how are you? What have you been doing for the last three weeks?



9 thoughts on “The fight for more than survival

  1. J.M. Ney-Grimm

    Best decision I ever made . . .
    You have to work hard to get your money’s worth – but we will do it.
    Not the slightest desire to return to the East Coast.

    I am so very glad. You have been in my prayers often; I’ve so wanted you to find a community and living situation with the practical supports that will allow you to use your energy efficiently on what you want to do, instead of expending it on the necessities of daily living. It sounds like this is it! Well done, you!


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      And you and yours in mine – I hope all is well. I’ve been connected – and not – if that makes any sense. In and out because we still don’t have our own wifi, and it’s been 3.5 weeks. Comcast is NOT earning our loyalty – three times they’ve promised a cable box, and three times the promise has vanished the minute husband hung up the phone. Still no access. No idea what they’re doing.

      And there is so much to learn – after 37 years in NJ, we knew where everything was, and had everything in place. Here, there are no utilities to worry about – but we don’t yet have a single doctor.

      It just takes time – and of course we have to make time to take swims and try out classes, too.

      I’m having a bit of a hard time starting on my writing because I lost the whole computer setup which supported it on the 7/3/18 crash/upgrade, and I’m bringing pieces back as needed.

      I’ll get there – but I’m not there yet. When everything takes time and a lot of energy, it’s hard to know what to do first!

      I expected some disruption, and this is it. But no one expects us to be unpacked, either.

      On day at a time.


  2. joey

    My gawd, that’s fantastic!
    I am just so freakin delighted for you! So much happy all in one post. God bless JT and praise be to puppies that life is so full and warm and active for you!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      It’s a comfort to be somewhat settled – and to have control of my writing file again.

      Today I restarted a tiny bit of cardiac rehab on the bike in the exercise room, bobbed around in the therapy pool (warmer), and took a shower and washed my hair. Then we went to dinner with a nice couple who have been here ten years – and got lot of tips.

      Little by little – I didn’t get any writing done this morning; maybe tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. marianallen

    I’m so glad the move is turning out to be so great! Of course, I expected that you would make the absolute most out of whatever Fate handed you, but I’m ever so glad you don’t have to work too terribly hard at it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I really don’t know how I’m still standing, but I’m ever so grateful the worst of this move – which I initiated and pushed for – is over.

      So much work yet, but a lot of it may never need to be done: no one is grading us. We have enough storage space here so that I DON’T have to reduce my notebook collection any further, and can save them for my biographer (assuming I ever get famous). Except – horrible thought – I’ll still have to go through them and delete the parts I never intended anyone else to see (mostly cryptic, but you know these biographers!).

      Liked by 1 person


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