Where do liebjabberings visitors come from?

Visitors Feb. 18, 2019, to my blog liebjabberings came from US, Canada, India, South Africa. Australia, Malaysia, France, UK, and the Philippines (graphic shows country flags from my stats page) New countries to blog 2:19:19

Mar 3 new countries


And meanwhile, visitors are welcome from anywhere!

Stop and say hello – comments welcome. I’m going to steal the following from a fellow blogger: I like to have the last word, so you’ll always get an answer. If you don’t, know that I still read your comment – and decided to let you have the last word on the subject (at the end of an exchange, usually).

Things are getting a little less crazy around here.

We went to visit our kids in Boulder, Colorado, and had a lovely long weekend.

Then we came home, and I had an old friend visit for two evenings – she arranged her life to be able to visit, and it was so good to see her again. We go back 50 years+!

And then came the visit to the new, nice dentist – except that he had an emergency, and the total time dedicated to an appointment which was literally across the road came to over four hours – and I get wiped out by long out-of-the-house events.

I don’t care – all these were desirable (I love dentists who don’t find anything needing doing, even when a bit of a porcelain crown cover came off) – and much appreciated visits with loved ones.

I’m getting to the new stuff.

One of the residents here, of the several who have read Pride’s Children: PURGATORY, chatted with me this afternoon about her reactions to it – and has offered to connect me to her book club. Book clubs are wonderful ways to get word of mouth out to serious readers, and I look forward to maybe even visiting some of the many in our new city.

I get so few opportunities to just talk and answer questions about my writing (one tries not to be a pushy author) that it was a real pleasure, as well as good for the soul. She got so many things about the work.

One of my main questions – because it’s a trilogy – is always whether readers were unsatisfied at the end of what is known to be the first volume, and feel cheated in any way. She said no – but she can’t wait for the next one – which is balm to my senses.

She also said she had trouble putting it down, and for someone whose nightly habit is to read a bit with her doggie settled in her lap, and then go to bed, I find it cheering to be unputdownable.

I ordered and received a proof copy from Amazon. Createspace has closed, and the automatic transfer to being printed on demand by KDP (?) has to be checked out. The cover looks fine (except that it says ‘proof’ on it, right through the middle of Kary’s head), but I need to compare the paging, and look for the few errors that have been corrected, and make sure they are using the latest file. Due diligence. Then I’ll see about ordering some replacement copies to have as my pre-move supply has all been given out at our new community.

And the usual small problems.

My .mobi electronic ARC has NOT worked for the last two people I sent it to, which means Kindle changed something, and I need to re-create the file to send out for reviewers. There are few things worse than getting someone to read and review for you, and to send them a file they can’t open!

It is irritating to have to spend energy on something that was working fine. And it means going a long way back, and worrying about the version of Scrivener (I have v3, and haven’t updated to it yet), and figuring out a bunch of things such as Compile for ebooks…

I just found my writing books – I used to have them at my right hand while writing, but haven’t since everything was packed and shipped: what have I missed and will it show in the new scenes?

I still haven’t recovered from last July’s crash.

I can’t remember where I was on so many little details of life. And writing.

But this is the last move

before I finish the trilogy – if I have anything to say about it. And the good Lord gives me life and brain.

Things can only get better – I’m excited at the possibilities, and cheered by finding readers here.

I will get my software, computer, and backups under control. I’ll keep writing, and make the progress I had hoped for from the new digs.

And go swimming.

It was always about the pools.

Does your future have pools?



5 thoughts on “Where do liebjabberings visitors come from?

  1. joey

    It’s so good to read of your new adventures, visits with the fam, swims in the pool, readers who share — all good stuff! I really love the way this big change is doing exactly what you wanted it to do. Look at you go 🙂


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I’m still deeply exhausted most of the time, but haven’t had any crashes lasting longer than a day or so (except for the trip to Boulder – which, as completely expected, took some recovery time).

      Little by little. Our new assistant is a marvel, and she is organizing and removing and arranging and suggesting. Today she took me to the mattress store – she put together the lovely wooden bedframes for my guest bed (twin XL) and trundle bed (twin) under it, and I ordered the new sheets – by tomorrow I’ll have an easy place to nap (and sleep when my twitchiness keeps the husband from getting a good night’s sleep) and a place where I can put TWO guests.

      Little by little. Today the hooks for the big pantry closet came and she installed them. We have bags for shopping, my bag with all the pool things, each of our backpacks for biking (helmet, gloves, etc.), bag for library, bag for bags. With 12 hooks, there is no excuse for not getting these things out of sight and out of the way and exactly where we expect them to be, by the front door!

      I’ve even had a talk with a lovely woman here who read PC and is connecting me to her book clubs! Tomorrow I have scheduled time with a man here who read PC and said he’d like to talk about it. Strokes, folks, strokes.

      Little by little. As the place gets tidier, and there are fewer ‘have to be done right this minute’ things, the energy can go to writing, and I can make the progress I’m raring for.

      This has been an almost unbelievable investment in time and energy, so I hope the good Lord will allow me enough time to make it worthwhile. And it has the nicest people.

      Thanks for your support, Joey – always good to hear from you. Hope things are going your way – and rewarding all your hard work.



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