Stories promise more than they deliver

Reflect reality


There is no direct correlation between the most detailed, elaborate story you can tell – and the ‘real life’ it may be based on.

We know that – and ignore it – every time we read, and not just read fiction.

Choices are made. Real life is edited – to make more sense. To make any sense at all.

Even the language we use for stories has too many choices.

But the core? Is the core something worth while?

Most writers don’t even ask themselves this question; they just start writing.

But I had a period when I wondered if it was somehow wrong to tell tales that couldn’t be true, could never happen.

Duplicate oldies!

I was surprised to find I had boosted the same old post twice in less than a month. Clearly, I need to remember what I’ve done – and keep track better!

I’ll do another Oldie but Goodie soon – and put the actual date instead of an approximate one in the heading.

Let me get some sleep, some bloodwork, and some writing done first tomorrow. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Stories promise more than they deliver

  1. joey

    Well you know, the themes. Even when the plot is farce and the characters are supernatural, we want to read on the themes. Tell us stories of triumph and romance and loyalty and adventure. We do so want our themes.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Here’s the list:
      Family matters
      Love is based on trust
      Children matter – and must be protected
      Beliefs are important
      Beliefs lead to action
      Right beliefs lead to right action
      Dignity matters
      Good will prevail
      Life throws stuff at you
      How you handle it is who you are
      You can’t stay married to someone who doesn’t want you
      Some people are objectively better than others
      Evil exists – and can’t be excused
      Love transcends age

      And disabled people are people

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