While marking time do something different

Blue recliner - Golden maxicomfort power lift and recline chair


It drives me batty, but since I need to have 5 bars on my brain to write with it, there are many times when we are in a holding pattern.

This year, at our community’s Bizarre Bazaar, we acquired furniture, and this is the armchair I selected from what was available (otherwise we would have had to go shopping) when the rocker/recliner we bought back in 1986 when we acquired our first child had decided not to stay put in the reclining position, and I got tired of watching TV with my arms over my head to keep my center of gravity far enough back to stay lying down.

We paid the princely sum of $85, and had it delivered to the apartment, and plunked in front of the TV.

We knew from examining it in the days before the bazaar that it had an electric control in the pocket, but nothing else.

Hidden treasures at the bazaar

We didn’t know we were acquiring a Golden Maxicomfort Power Lift & Recline Chair, retail value new at almost two grand.

It had been very gently used, almost not used at all. No signs of wear.

I picked it because, in the cramped display out in the front courtyard, it was comfortable. And that was all we could tell.

The spousal unit, after figuring out we had something different, went online and snagged the manual (the electrical engineering certification for the owner is only a suggestion).

It comes with TWO – count ’em – power blocks and two controls. The silly thing has BATTERY BACKUP – in case you have a power failure while seated, the battery has just enough charge to lift you ONCE.

It will do any position from horizontal with your feet higher than your heart to gently standing you up to get you out of the chair.

Never in my wildest dreams would I go out and spend that much money on a chair for myself.


This is the kind of chair the children buy for dear old dad.

It has a Zero Gravity-like position – everything gently supported.

It has what they call a Trendelenburg position, with your feet higher than your head and heart, and which stretches your lumbar region.

If I’m uncomfortable, I push a button and shift position a bit.


One of these days I need to get me a decent DESK chair, as I spend most of my days sitting at the computer, trying to write something.

But meanwhile, you can imagine me stretched out for a couple of hours in the evenings watching The Handmaid’s Tale or Mom or Humans.

Still fiddling with the dosage of the low-dose naltrexone, and waiting for the brain fog to clear.

And managed to get several doctor appointments successfully navigated (but leaving the house for them is one of the reasons I have no energy for writing fiction), plus show Maggie off at the U. California Davis hospital in Sacramento (NOT Davis), to admiring glances from medical personnel. They have VERY long corridors in that hospital, and it would have been an even more exhausting morning had I had to navigate them with a walker.

So that’s it.

I’m at the writing position, internet blocked, several hours EVERY day, and some times we make a bit of progress, but the bars haven’t been there much.

It’s temporary, I’m sure, or I’d be panicked. I have this feeling that when the meds settle in there will be a big burst of productivity. So I’m hanging in there for now.

Even the tone of this post feels as if there were a damper on the brain.

Oh, and some totally unknown person bought a paper copy of Pride’s Children PURGATORY, which always surprises me.

Hope they will leave a review some day so I find out who it is.

I do love the interior formatting of the paper version – because the ebook is limited to fonts the reader can manipulate easily. Check it out in the Look Inside feature at Amazon.

And pray. I’m soldiering on with this LDN experiment, but it’s not guaranteed to clear the brain fog. I will probably have to get super strict with the low-carb diet. And stop slipping up.



17 thoughts on “While marking time do something different

  1. joey

    What an unexpected purchase! I love things like that, getting a nice surprise. It’s a pretty COLOR. I’d buy it for the COLOR! Lol — magic lumbar stretching indeed, but so pretty!
    My son basically lives in his computer chair and it’s very fancy and ergonomic and costly, but he’s a comfort creature of another kind, so what he’d spend on a desk chair may equal what I spend in ice cream novelties. I’d agree that would be a worthy investment for you — the desk chair, not the ice cream 😉
    I hope you get some more bars in soon, but I understand the panic. It takes one to know one. I had a bad reaction to my flu shot, and while I ached and pained, that was nothing compared to my panic. And I know you understand.
    Does the hospital with the long corridor not offer golf cart rides from the lobby to the office? They should. Not that I don’t want people to take exercise or enjoy their Maggies, just that not everyone CAN do that, and it IS a medical facility…


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Nope. No golf carts. I guess they figure that if you need assistance, you already know that, and bring it with you. Lots of people hobbling on crutches and moving slowly.

      I have to work on the manual for the chair, and read more than how to plug it in. One of these days.

      Mostly trying to deal with stress, and finish settling in. Too many doctor’s appointments and such – I often lose the next day as well to just being too tired to move.

      But I had a nice outside ride today, and got in a couple of rides, and a couple of demos (people love Maggie and all say they could never do what I do).

      MOST people here are older than we are, and many are frailer. It’s up to them if they see the convenience. I wonder why more people don’t use electric wheelchairs or scooters – but some are doing what they can to stay mobile, and walking to dinner with a cane or walker IS exercise.

      Sorry you had a flu shot reaction – this year, I didn’t, and I was grateful – but I wonder if it will work!

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  2. Lynda Dietz

    One of the things I love about your blog posts is that you don’t focus on the negative, even when things aren’t really going the way you’d prefer. You refocus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t just then, and share that progress with all of us.

    I love hearing about Maggie, your chair, and all the ways you’re making the most of what you can do in a day. So glad to hear about your $85 find!


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Part of it is operational: I can’t possibly waste energy on the negatives because I have so little of it.

      Part of it is gratitude: I have so much, compared with so many people. And I have had so many opportunities to at least try, and often succeed, from the PhD, to the astronaut program, to homeschooling, and to writing.

      I am determined, if it is up to me, to leave a legacy of books. The rest is up to God: if He wants me to be able to do this, I will.

      But I won’t quit, and the failure will be due to circumstances beyond my limited control. It’s the least I can do with the many blessings I’ve been given. And that’s also why it has to be good: there is plenty of the other, but that’s not my path.

      And there’s no two ways about it: Maggie has been an enormous gift. Ten years ago she wasn’t a possibility; today I can use her to go to the physical therapy appointment I need. Plus, in Davis with its lovely weather, it is another gift to be able to get out almost any day I want.

      I don’t care that there is a huge recovery time – I am still independent enough to ride an Airwheel to the doctor’s office. The whole thing just makes me laugh out loud.

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  3. marianallen

    Wow–Now I have chair envy! lol! Oh, I’m so glad you found that gem, and discovered its wonders! It’s bound to help your productivity, to be able to zero-g and heat and massage and change position effortlessly to alleviate discomfort. Good for you and your husband!


  4. Sharon

    It certainly sounds like a great find, I think I would get so comfortable I would have trouble getting up again. Hope the brain fog clears, it is frustrating when you have work you want to do.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks, Sharon. The good part is that I don’t have writer’s block (not right now, anyway) – when the brain comes, I just sit down and start writing, following my ‘process’. Otherwise known as checklist. If life would stop throwing even little curveballs…


  5. Widdershins

    What a wonderful find!!! I had a similar chair when I had the last huge surgery on my knee … back in, oh let me think, 2011-ish … and I LOVED it. 😀 It made shifting between horizontal and vertical a dream, Now if they only made beds that did the same thing I’d be in heaven! 😀 … glad Maggie is showing off her moves in all sorts of locations! 🙂


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      She is – I went to the Arboretum at U. California Davis – and, bless them, their accessible path is a real joy: not too steep, nice and flat yellow bricks, wide. It was a perfect day to get out, too, and I desperately needed to get out of the asylum!

      And of course I showed Maggie off to a lady who was walking a gentleman with a cane.

      I’m such a ham.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Janna G. Noelle

    I’m behind on commenting on your blog posts. It’s been great seeing you out and about on your trike and that seated Segway. That is so important for one’s mental well-being. That recliner was a steal and I really like the colour. I really can’t believe how little you paid for it. Did the seller not realize what they had? I’ve had that happen where I bought a pair of Harmon Kardon speakers off Craigslist, brand new in box that the seller had won in a golf tournament and wanted to offload. It was only after I paid her the pittance she’d asked for that she inquired whether they were good speakers, to which I replied, gleefully, “Very good.” If she’d thought to ask herself that question beforehand she could have commanded a much higher price.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      People donate things when they move to Assisted Living because they have no room for them, or their heirs donate them after they leave us.

      Everything is sold in a single Bazaar in September – and is priced to sell. We were lucky enough to be in the first group, and paid what it was marked as – without any opportunity to plug it in and check whether the controls worked.

      It’s how most people get rid of things here.

      The person who sold those speakers didn’t want to deal with the selling – probably just never planned to use them. Getting anything near what something’s worth for second-hand objects is hard work.

      Bargain hunters go through a huge amount of junk – to get the few treasures.

      I just lucked out!

      Don’t worry about commenting – it’s good to read your posts, and nice to know you. When we have time is good enough.

      Enjoy the speakers!


  7. acflory

    That is one whiz-bang-wow recliner! And at a bargain price too. Congratulations. 🙂

    I’ve got an ordinary swivel/rock/recliner and it’s my favourite bit of furniture in the whole house. The cats and the dog love it too. TV time we all snuggle up together. Unfortunately the cats also use the upholstery as a scratching post so beloved recliner is not looking that great any more. Ah well. Function over form, right?



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