Until I get my stuff together

Lambing, almost live. by [Webster, Jim]

If you loved the James Herriot books (All Creatures Great and Small, …), you may love, as I do, these books by Jim Webster describing life and animals – from the farmer’s side. (PS, he also writes fantasy).

These (there are three more) are warm and funny and down-to-Earth – and I buy them as soon as they come out. I read this one during a Life Event this week which is now over, for which I learned to read on my iPhone – oh technological improvements!

I’m – I hope – over a long list of life events which kept me from doing just about anything in the writing/blogging department for various good and necessary reasons, mainly that my limited energy had to be focused on either doing, or waiting to assist in doing, said life events.

After trying to write distracted in that way, and having to restart over and over and over, I gave up temporarily, and went with the flow. It was too hard to keep doing my rather complicated process – and forgetting where I was.

Heck, I didn’t even make it into the pool, or out for a ride on Maggie, or on the trike most days.

Here’s Jim’s latest blog post, so you can see his style.

I promise not to let anything but major stuff stand in my way.

And I have a bunch of topics for liebjabberings, some of which may be interesting to more than me.

I need to get back to advertising, too!

Peace be on all your houses.



14 thoughts on “Until I get my stuff together

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Not much of a choice sometimes – just glad I could do something however small.

      The problem is getting back to what you set aside, when it has as many threads as the WIP has, and my mind flinches from doing it one more time – and then having to put it down again.

      I’ll get over it, and get back to work – because it is still what I want to write – but I keep waiting for another shoe to drop.


  1. marianallen

    Glad to see you posting again! I was always happy to see your sweet face among my visitors. I’m SO GLAD you’re so wise in conserving/using your energy. The way you deal with what life hands you is a work of art. ❤


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      There’s only so much of that energy stuff, you know, and some things really DO have more of a claim on it: the spouse and kids have to come first when things are serious.

      On the good side, Maggie has been as good as gold, and she’s now been to San Francisco! Unless I lose a LOT of weight, though, I can’t see riding her on those hills – way too steep. Someone here at our community told me they had seen another Airwheel like her IN SF, but we didn’t run into it.

      I’m still the only one here riding ‘alternative transportation.’ Management hasn’t come out with new rules yet, either – they will. They LOVE rules for everything. Sometimes we follows them, sometimes not.

      Still enjoying the kitty stories when you write them.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      As you know, there are periods in life when you just can’t. I’m so grateful the resolution is allowing me to focus on what I want for a while; I always come back to the same writing task, so I must be meant to finish it.

      Hope things are going well in your tribe.

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    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Nothing else on the calendar except writing – and enjoying the new digs. Finally! After almost a year and a half, the only remaining biggie is getting a California driver’s license so I can occasionally take out the community shared car or rent one or drive one of our kids’ cars when appropriate.

      And finish unpacking and organizing – but none of it is time-sensitive, as we’ve obviously managed to live without doing it.

      Writing! Marketing! Blogging!

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  2. Sharon

    Welcome back, it’s funny how we get used to seeing regular posts and worry about bloggers who don’t post for a while. Hope everything is going okay!

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    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks! Nice to be missed.

      I kept thinking ‘a couple more days…’ I started several posts – and got a few lines and a photo in… I’ll probably see what can be rescued of those posts.

      But the main reason was I had nothing to say. Tax planning is boring, and very individual, and I was the helper, not the ‘person in charge.’ But critical at several points.

      A family member had an operation and is fine – and I’m not very useful, being that I really can’t walk, stand, or lift as might be needed to help – but we were able to BE there, and sometimes that is really a good thing.

      Hospitals are horrible places that don’t let you rest – but this one had an extra bed! So we could be not rested – horizontally. It worked out, it’s over, and I’m trying to pick up the pieces little by little so I can write.

      I kept my fingers limber by commenting far more than usual on FB and other people’s blogs, but was kind of gone there for several months (never though it would take so long).

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