The national safety depends on cooperators

Woman on balcony talking to family members two stories down

Family visit during coronavirus scare


Almost looks like Italy, doesn’t it?

No reason you can’t visit – but you can’t come in. My neighbor across the entrance court caught my eye because she was out on her balcony. I thought she was getting some fresh air, and was about to go out and yell Hello! when I noticed the pickup truck and the younger women below.

There is NO substitute for face-to-face human contact, preferably with hugs and touching (many aging people never get touched except by caretakers), but this will do right now.

Video conferences are next best – but I love to see her people making the effort to come see her.

I don’t want my daughter in San Francisco to come do this – it was a SHORT visit – but I’m guessing these visitors came from Davis itself, or somewhere close, and thought to stop and cheer our resident up on their way around town for errands. Very thoughtful.

Social connection in the age of social distancing

I hope to be able to use the indoor therapy pool in the times they’ve selected (during which we recalcitrant disobedient old people will be supervised by staff to ensure proper social distancing). I’ve sent an email off to the staff member who will be the enforcer.

The people here brought this on ourselves! We got a frantic memo yesterday from the director saying residents AND staff have been ignoring the 6 ft. rule. Shame on us!

So now we will be supervised – better than nothing, by far.

I’ve been telling other people for over a week to maintain their distance, but others have not. Sigh.

It will be nice to talk to someone other than the spouse in person.

I think they want us not the use the restrooms or the dressing rooms by the pools (if I’m quoting the memo right), which is just doable. I’m wondering if they’ll allow people into the hot tub one at a time!

That’s the news from Lake URC

Where all the women are strong, the men are nice, and there are no children (points for getting the reference).

Stay well! Stay away from other people, but not too far.

Writing time!



12 thoughts on “The national safety depends on cooperators

  1. marianallen

    I go out in the woods to hunt for mushrooms, and #1 Daughter, who lives next door, comes into the woods and we holler at each other through the trees and underbrush. It gives me the strength to get up and do what needs to be done. 😉


  2. joey

    We were supposed to go swimming as a family last Sunday. Even then, we all wondered at what risk? and did not go. Of course, now the Y is closed.
    I have enjoyed the news stories like this one, with people outside windows and whatnot.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      We’re doing the best that we can. A pandemic cannot be wished away – only lived through.

      Hope we all survive until a vaccine is regularly available – and I hope they learn enough to make one faster next time (for there WILL be a next times), if that is possible.

      We had our warnings with SARS and MERS and Ebola – and stupid governments cut research funds – and completely wasted the time.

      Now individuals have to do the worrying, and many will get it wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      We’re all trying the social distancing – and yet I see residents and staff not even remotely six feet away – which won’t matter if they’re not infected (except as a very bad example), but will overwhelm the efforts of others if they ARE infected.

      Everyone has to do their part.

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