Stress may make you very clumsy

Section of pristine-looking carpet with toes of two socks

I can’t see the stain; can you?


What is the significance of a photo of a section of carpet?

Lately I seem to be more clumsy, especially in the kitchen.

Because standing is painful, and awkward, AND I hurt my shoulder a week ago (it’s mending – slowly, as we ME/CFS types heal), I do a lot of my meal preparation sitting on the seat of my walker (Sylvia – yes, I name things, and she’s been with me over 15 years).

The walker seat has sides, and my arms and elbows sometimes run into its frame.

And for some reason (yes, I’m paying attention in case it is a real problem), I keep dropping things and bumping into things.

It is a small kitchen.

And the pullout cutting boards make very good food-preparation surfaces.

And I try to do everything I possibly can for myself – not wanting to overburden the spouse when we hope there will be many years ahead.

So, last night I heated my dinner…

Chicken with a cream sauce, and cottage cheese.

I set out for the living room where the husband was watching TV.

I got about three steps out of the kitchen when I used the ‘F’ word, very loudly.

Our nice lightweight plates have no friction with the walker seat on which my plate rested.

And I dumped a FULL serving of chicken, cream sauce, and cottage cheese – right in the middle of that space I photographed.

If I had been thinking of y’all, I would have photographed it BEFORE I cleaned it up.

I just want you to admire that job

I immediately rescued that which could be rescued.

Removed the rest of the larger bits with paper towels.

Fortunately, yesterday morning was housekeeping day – and everything had just been vacuumed (could have been – and was – FAR worse before they decided to give us housekeeping back).

Then I got out what our eldest has recommended, Woolite pet odors etc. + OXY, cleaner.

I sat down on the rug.

I followed instructions:

  • Spray, do not soak, do not scrub.
  • Let rest 5 minutes.
  • Blot with clean white towel.

Five minutes later, and I came back, did the blotting.

And took a picture, because I could not believe what a good job this stuff does, even though I’ve used it before, in NJ, on carpeting of that color – but with red wine or Birch Beer soda or spaghetti sauce, all red.

I think it’s the OXYgen. Good for organic spills.

And possibly that I attacked immediately.

You REALLY can’t tell.

And that’s the story of the photo.

The clumsiness I’ll have to watch.

It may be stress.

It may be the beginnings of something else.

Or it may just be that sitting to do things is awkward.

Dinner was delicious. Mostly cold. I didn’t care by then.


8 thoughts on “Stress may make you very clumsy

  1. acflory

    I’m glad you managed to salvage some of your dinner and clean the mess. 😀 I wouldn’t worry about the clumsiness though, it happens at all ages. The Offspring offered to make hot cocoa last night [yes please!] and promptly spilled half of it on the way from the kitchen to the tv area. C’est la vie. 🙂


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Thanks! Just knowing it’s not limited to the older generation helps.

      Lately, I’ve been extra careful. Last night I had a low-carb cheesecake imitation – crowned by thawed strawberries and blueberries. I was VERY careful carrying it to the living room where we were watching TV! No way was I sure I’d get blueberry stains out of ANYTHING.

      So in a way the chicken was a warning – to be more careful.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Widdershins

    Nope, can’t see a thing. Well done! 🙂 … loved the bit about sitting down on the carpet to do it. 🙂 … I can’t get down or up easily because of my knees so I would’ve looked like a giraffe getting a drink of water. 🙂


  3. joey

    I dunno, Alicia, this stuff happens to me cause I’m a klutz. It’s not better with age, but no worse. I’m glad you’re still babying your shoulder.
    I cannot tell you how badly I want the steam cleaner people to come do my carpets and upholstery in the living room. It’s like a longing…. Would that I could do all that AND work, lol!


  4. marianallen

    A quick search turned up this walker tray with non-slip mat: I was all about enabling Mom to do as much as she could herself. She was a proud, capable, independent woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I have these little silicone trivets – work well if I remember to use them.

      I just got overconfident, laughed at myself, cleaned it up (to be fair, husband asked if I needed help, but I felt idiotic enough to rather do it myself), and then thought it might amuse other people stuck in quarantine.

      Liked by 2 people


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