Based on a prompt: Baby Egg



She insisted I should finish it.

I decided to give myself a few more words than the 100-word limit of the Drabble – it takes time to shorten, and I’m in the middle of NETHERWORLD, but her prompt inspired me, and here it is:


She went every day to visit the baby egg. Through its translucent shell, her first child grew peacefully, with her heart sound piped in, and a gentle periodic rocking to simulate her walking around the kitchen.

Protestors screamed outside the lab that it was unnatural.

But it had finally removed Eve’s curse: no birth. No stretching the body out of shape. No pause in the ability to work. No pain. No surrogates wanting to keep the babies they carried for others.

She’d have to be in town when the baby ripened, but, other than that, she couldn’t see why she wouldn’t bond perfectly well with her offspring – after all, adopted babies did fine, didn’t they? There was the oxytocin nasal spray, and the hormones for lactation, and the nanny to do all the changing of dirty diapers.

It should be a hoot to play with when she had some time.

Here’s Marian‘s prompt:

It’s a baby egg. The neighbors got chickens that lay teeny wee eggs and gave me some. I had tomatoes from the farmers market, so I made a marriage in heaven.

She has a cute picture of a very small egg in her hand.

For the record, this is the new ‘block editor’ for WordPress, and I hate it.

Any time you change things I was perfectly happy with, I resent the huge loss of time.

I no longer have any idea where the things I depended on have gone.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

They do realize some of us have damaged brains, right?

I have no idea how to access the media, or how to insert an image, or…

Pretty much sums up my life.

And I have no idea what this will look like, vertical-spacing-wise.



25 thoughts on “Based on a prompt: Baby Egg

  1. acflory

    I loved your story – very scifi and very thought provoking. If you ever want to change your genre, I’d say you have the right mindset for scifi. 🙂
    Re the WordPress block editor. Every paragraph you type is a block in its own right. To change the type of block you can use, click the small black square with a white cross in the middle. This will open up a list of all the available blocks. You’ll have to scroll down quite a way to reach ‘Image’. For reasons best known to themselves, the Happiness Engineers recently dumped a whole lot of new blocks in there, and no, I haven’t even bothered looking at them yet. Like you, my time is precious and I. DO. NOT. NEED. TO. KNOW.
    Anyway, once you’ve selected a new block, say ‘Image’, WP will display something similar to what we’re used to from the old Classic. You should be fine from there.

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    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Okay. But I thought the whole point was to be able to place blocks on the page, and I’m a linear kind of person, and just wanted to start at the top, add things, and stop at the bottom.

      I’ll figure out what I need to – and continue to ignore the rest. As usual. Thanks.

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    2. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      As for SF, you do know that there is an entire SF novel embedded in Pride’s Children? One of the characters is writing it, and I put pieces in where they contribute somehow to the main story, by epigraph or even in showing a (brief) excerpt of how Kary uses her writing to hide from the world.

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        1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          It’s called Hostages to Fortuna. Kary is trying a different genre from her usual historical fiction – and there are enough pieces by the end of Book 3 for you to intuit most of the story of Akiiya and the planet K’Tae. As there will be for a number of movies sketched out during the period around the book, from Roland to Leviathan.

          You get your money’s worth – because each one adds something to the main story, and is a story in itself.

          I have a lot of fun. My characters are WORKING characters; one of my pet peeves is characters who seem to have nothing to do!

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        2. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          As with all my little add-ons, you can skip them (prologue, epigraphs, embedded stories), but they’re there for a reason, and contribute to the main story being more complete.

          There are even two ‘group characters,’ the ‘Good Fans’ and the ‘Bad Fans’, each a collection of media commenters on the the world of Hollywood and books that is the backdrop. They are mostly present in epigraphs – and hail back to tabloids and gossip columns.

          You can’t have Hollywood without gossip columns and tabloids!

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        3. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          I meant that as a challenge – I have 3-5 million words in surrounding material that I have written, not including research. You are welcome to it.

          Mostly, people aren’t interested – they want the story part, not the author’s waffling.

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        4. acflory

          lol – sadly true. I’ve got a whole filing cabinet full of research dating back to the year 2000! And like you, I’ve got an awful lot of digital research as well, and 99% of all of that stuff will never see the light of day, except perhaps in the odd detail and throw away line. Yet your story and mine would be so much less without all that work. High Five. 🙂


  2. marianallen

    I love your story–OF COURSE! You can do so much with so few words. It amazes me.

    As for the stupid block editor: When you begin a new paragraph, click on the + sign at the end of it. It should give you a selection of “blocks”, like paragraph, image, gallery, heading, etc. Then a menu will pop up over the paragraph allowing you to format it. Hope this helps. I don’t want to have pulled all my hair out in vain. ;D


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author


      I’m having some physical problems, and fiddling with medications, so it is irksome not to be able to write because of brain fog – and not be able to transition to new forms of blogs.

      I’m also sensitive to moving things on screens, so all the new stuff that pops up when I’m just trying to write a blog post is driving me to distraction. The old worked for me.

      I notice you added a gallery – nice!

      It took me a couple of days to figure out the last line, to give it a bit of a horror twist, but I would definitely have had all my children the egg way if it had been available and not too expensive. The question in my mind is the other costs. Society is BASED 100% on the fact that women have the babies and care for them mostly. Since we can also do most other things that don’t require brute physical strength (and SOME of those), it puts us into a dilemma at inconvenient times (have kids when young? establish your career?) – and adds a level of difficulty to just getting through life.

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  3. Chris

    I used to think as you do about the block editor, but I’ve come to appreciate its flexibility. It definitely takes time to learn, don’t be hard on yourself.

    I also think it might be a bit more suitable for advanced users, as it lets you program a custom block (say, a javascript applet), save it, and reuse it regularly. But yeah, I can see how it can be a bottleneck when you just want to use text and a photo.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I’m having trouble with a bunch of things, sleeping among them. This is standard for ME/CFS – but not helped by the extra stress.

      When I have relatively short periods of ‘good time’ in a day, I resent using it for things I don’t need changed.

      Wattpad just required a bunch of changes. WordPress ditto. Even the support of friends on FB comes at a time-price.

      Our community has re-allowed pool time – but in a very structured, rigid frame that does not suit what I would choose for my rhythm. It adds up – when all I want to do is write, and I have the time, technically.

      I’ve been re-reading some of the recent stuff, and it is exactly what I want – so I am unhappy spending time elsewhere.

      Oh, well. C’est la vie. But I don’t have to like it!

      And yes, all I need is a way to insert a photo, some text, a few headlines, and whatever words want to come.


  4. Lloyd Lofthouse

    I agree with you on WordPress’s Block Editor. Did you know WordPress has “Happiness Engineers.” I think their job is to make all of WordPress’s customers happy.

    WordPress’s “Happiness Engineers” reminds me of the Japanese commander of the POW camp in the film The Bridge Over the River Kwai when he said, “Be Happy in Your Work” to the Britsh POWs that were slowly starving to death and being tortured and/or abused by their Japanese captors.

    Easy for me to imagine this scene: “If you aren’t not happy with our Block Editor, we will terminate you as a customer,” the WordPress Happiness Engineer growled.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I’m sure the Happiness Engineers make the paying customers happy. Me, not so much – not going to complain TOO much, but I do save all my blog posts on my own computer, because you never know.

      Wattpad just dumped all its forums with no warning. I have friends there – we’re shell-shocked.



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