I’d never googled myself – just did

Ye olde PhD thesis.


And I say that because mine are ALL OVER THE INTERNET. With my name on them. You must have seen some.

Some of the places that turned up, some expected, others not:




Featured Writer on Wellness: Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt


Alicia Butcher-Ehrhardt was descending the stairs of her Hamilton Square home, preparing to home-school her three children.

“I came downstairs, and my husband and two boys said, ‘No school today,'” Butcher-Ehrhardt said. “We watched it together as a family.”

Her 9-year-old daughter, Rebecca, was sitting with her father watching television when the attacks occurred.

“I sort of understood what was going on,” she said. “I was scared, and, I don’t know, it felt weird.”

She said that she’s feeling a little better now, but she’s “still uncomfortable with what happened.”

Her mom isn’t surprised.

“It’s the end of an era,” Butcher-Ehrhardt said. “It will be a huge change in the way my children have to grow up. They normally feel safe. This will make a big dent.”

16 thoughts on “I’d never googled myself – just did

  1. joey

    I haven’t Googled myself in a long time. I lived in Georgia, so that was about 8 years ago, at least. I do remember seeing my blog comments quite a bit. While it’s cool that you were interviewed about the terror, it’s sad to read it and remember. I’da much preferred they interviewed you after it bits of vanilla ice cream fell from the sky 😉


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Me, too. Several things conspired to make that more memorable, including that my husband was sitting there in our living room with our kids because he had been laid off, so he was there to watch and help with our homeschooled children – otherwise I would have been home alone with them; and that the day before was my birthday.

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        1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

          The extras made the day distinct: no one had to travel anywhere, and we all knew where we were and that we were okay, at least our little nuclear family.

          Since I had been ill for years by then, I can only imagine what it would have been for us otherwise – how we would have worried about Bill – and how horrible the day was for those who were not together.

          It was bad enough.

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  2. acflory

    I tried to create one ‘brand’ name for myself, but I’ve just discovered that I’m spread across the internet as Meeks, acflory and a.c. flory or A.C. Flory. I wonder if you have some small variation in your name that confuses the search engines?
    Btw – nice thesis Dr Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt. Don’t even know what the title of your research means, but I’m seriously impressed. 😀


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      ‘Twas a long time ago, in a different life, before I got too sick to be able to do it.

      If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.

      I tried. I did my bit for women’s lib. I studied one of the hardest sciences I could, and did okay for about thirteen years in it.

      It’s a LONG time ago. My kids have never known that woman. Except that she taught them math and science and a love of reading.

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      1. acflory

        Yes. God has a wicked sense of humour. I never wanted to be a writer. All I really wanted was the happily every after. Didn’t quite work out as expected, but I’m learning to go with the flow. lol


        1. acflory

          With the wisdom of decades, I wouldn’t change anything because I like who I am and how I live my life. Let’s hope Fate has saved up the good bits that balance out the bad until last.


  3. marianallen

    Lady, you are something! I haven’t Googled my own name for a long time. The last time I did, one of me was a frequent contributor to a recipe site and one of me was a long-deceased poet from World War I. Of course, my name is much more common than yours.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I really don’t expect there is another with my exact name out there.

      But I was surprised Google found so few references, and none were comments. I thought I had at least been recorded somewhere. I’d like to find some of those myself – lots of words. Some of them interesting.

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