Nothing to say? Write post anyway.

Other than some minor (I hope) health problems, which I hope to get taken care of asap, it has been weird not to be blogging occasionally, and the reason is literally that I have not much to say lately.

But I don’t want anyone to worry – and there are, I think, over 600 posts, most still relevant, if you like to poke through either the personal or the writing stuff – and comments are still open on all of them. I love comments.

My usual writing post in the past has been about solving some plotting or writing problem, often in a way I haven’t seen done before (which doesn’t mean there aren’t many posts out there about that topic). It intrigues me, I figure it out, I document – and voilà, reading material. I’m not sure if non-writers find them amusing, but they are easy to skip and usually obvious from the post title.

However, as the writing has matured (and I don’t want to change things so it isn’t obvious how long it takes me to write), I find fewer reasons to document new writing problems solved – as I go along.

Other posts came to be when we uprooted ourselves from the US East Coast (New Jersey) in 2018 and re-established ourselves permanently in Davis, California, at a nice Continuing Care Retirement Community – so we will never have to move again. One of these days we might actually be settled in, but now that the pandemic is under control here, it’s mundane, and I have to remind myself to spend a bit of my precious energy, and go outside occasionally, since every day usually has a ‘nice’ part to it. Maggie and I may go for a ride on the way home from dinner – going the outside route around the building instead of the shorter one through the inside carpeted halls.

I WILL tell you I’m writing – and it gets – and takes – all my available energy and all the time during which my brain is functional. NETHERWORLD is going extremely well – albeit slowly – I’m two thirds through it, and have just finished writing the two hardest scenes of the whole trilogy. So, technically, it’s all uphill from here (but NOT in a straight line). It didn’t help much – the next scene was still hard – but the commitments I made in 2000 to the plot have never wavered, and yes, I did the deed and wrote through the Dark Night of the Soul and Whiff of Death moments – and they came out even better than I had hoped for.

Still hoping to finish it this year.

We saw our daughters in person!

We hope for a family vacation (the kids pick the dates, and then we scramble).

And we will be celebrating the reception part of a family zoom wedding from last October – this October. In person. Yay, vaccination!

I have, at last count, about 90 started posts I never finished for one reason or another. Periodically I read through some of them to see if they might provide some mild entertainment for a visitor – you may see some of those pop up.

But mostly, since the energy is STILL extremely limited (think back to what you’ve read of covid long-haulers – that’s typical), it goes to finishing the Pride’s Children trilogy every day.

Stop by and say hi, contribute a bit about your current, hopefully post-pandemic panic life, and rest assured I’m still working my tail off for those who have been so kind as to say they’re waiting for the next book in the trilogy – and after that to get the third published as well.

The end of NETHERWORLD should make a lot of people happy – and then extremely worried again.

The third volume, still to be named though I’m leaning toward LIMBO & PARADISE, is a doozy. I hope to soon not be the only one who knows how it ends.


I love to hear from you.



10 thoughts on “Nothing to say? Write post anyway.

  1. acflory

    I don’t have too many unfinished posts, but like you, I’ve been a bit remiss with the social media lately, mostly because I too am writing! Yay. <> Keep writing but do a ‘proof of life’ every so often. 😉


  2. Widdershins

    Congratulations on getting through your Dark Whiff of the Soul Death Night. 😀
    I have a policy about unfinished posts – if I don’t use them within two weeks the impetus is lost and off to the trash they go. Before I started this I had some dating back years, and no idea what they were about.
    Congrats on real-life visits! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      It was so reassuring to hug the kids, so hard to let them leave, so exhausting to be with them (ME/CFS is a very unforgiving disease).

      About posts, I usually still remember why I started them, and periodically dust one off and finish it, and WordPress has no storage limits I’ve hit. No cost to me.

      I like how you rearranged my Save The Cat moments into one phrase. STC is just one of the plotting things I give a nod to.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris

    It’s definitely part of the process to start something and not finish it. It’s a problem only when one never finishes anything, as it could imply perfectionism or other issues, but other than that it’s normal.

    I’ve started projects that were great as ideas, but at some point down the road I realized they just weren’t going anywhere. Better then to let them go gracefully, rather than waste time and energy on something that isn’t viable.

    And for blog posts, in particular, this happens often because of my methodology: As soon as I get an idea, I type a title and an introductory paragraph, and save it as a draft. Then later I realize I don’t have anything else to say, so off it goes to trash 😛


  4. Lloyd Lofthouse

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that starts blog posts that I never finish. And, I don’t know how many there might be. Curious, I checked how many posts I’ve published on my four blogs over the last decade, and the number is close to 5,000.

    My blogging also slowed down drastically during the pandemic.


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      Same here – life was just coping. Fortunately, the writing is continuing – but I don’t have any energy left for more right now.

      I just spent all of today’s energy waiting for an Uber which never came to take me to a doctor’s appointment (at 4:30 – the only one they offered me), stressed out – but ended up having a nice phone call with her instead.

      I hadn’t used Uber or Lyft for over a year, and I have a new iPhone, and it was rush hour, so I don’t blame the guy – probably just gave up. A call would have been nice – but I know the drivers can have pretty awful days.

      Going down for another very long nap.



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