Having trouble writing a promised review?


And they cost the reader nothing but a few minutes.

If you’ve never done it before, or it’s been a while, that first one seems, uh, hard.

Often the best time to write one is when you have just finished a book, and can’t wait to share.

But many people are shy, tell themselves they’ll write one later, and never end up doing it.

So: to make it easier, save either the link to this post, or to Rosie’s, and be ready the next time you’re bursting to say something, to extend your time in the book’s universe just a little bit longer.

Rosie Amber’s Review Templates

Rosie Amber has a lovely set of templates that will get you going on your review. Fill in whichever of the prompts you like (not necessary to write more than about twenty words), and voilà, review!

Want to write something longer? Keep typing and wax eloquent. Tell other potential readers why you like a book.

Create in your wordprocessor of choice and copy/paste, OR write directly into Amazon’s prompts for a review. The templates are SO much more encouraging and helpful than facing a blank page or review form. Thanks, Rosie!

While at Rosie‘s, check around – there are so many wonderful reviews. There’s an easy sign-up to have the blog come to your inbox.


Can you tell I’m getting ready to ask you to read and review a book?

Authors positively LOVE reviews.


5 thoughts on “Having trouble writing a promised review?

  1. acflory

    Reviews are hard to write. Like you, if I really, really loved a story, I’ll hop onto Amazon and review it straight away. Once that first flush of love abates, making the effort becomes harder and harder. -sigh-


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      We’re outliers. I resist reviewing at all because I don’t feel objective about most other writers, and I don’t want to be known EITHER as someone who always awards 5* – or as someone who gives other writers fewer than 5*. Unsustainable, either way.

      Best to stay out of that fray.

      But people will say they’ll write a review – and then don’t. A template makes it easier for those readers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. acflory

        Yes, we are. With one, maybe two exceptions, I’ve stuck to 5 star reviews because I simply can’t be bothered reviewing for anything less. Then again, my reviews tend to be mini essays so… 😉
        I hope the template idea works. It’s a pity Amazon can’t come up with a ‘Like’ button at the end of each ebook. That would be the easiest option for Readers. Probably not that easy to implement though. Ah well.



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