NETHERWORLD ebook is live – prideschildren (dot) com

And the print version is ‘In review’ at Amazon

If you are interested in my fiction, and haven’t signed up at its site, click on Pride’s Children: NETHERWORLD‘s announcement post for the ebook – but the print version is already up, cover and all, and Amazon has notified me it may take 3 days.

The ebook took ONE HOUR to be approved, late last night – I guess no one else was up!

Details at the link – not everyone who comes here is interested in fiction.

Check there, too, for the details of the two Kindle Countdown Deals that are set up – one for PURGATORY, Sep. 21, and one for NETHERWORLD, Oct. 19. Best way to pick up a copy of either.


10 thoughts on “NETHERWORLD ebook is live – prideschildren (dot) com

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I’m waiting for my first paperbacks – I needed this finished before next Monday, with a million things to do, so I didn’t order a proof copy (hope I don’t regret that!), and I haven’t seen them yet. Details…

      Wondering who will write the first review – and also glad I let the people who are signed up to my blogs know – that there will be a Kindle Countdown Deal for NETHERWORLD starting Oct. 19 (the earliest they would let me do it – the rules are that the price can’t change for 30 days before the Countdown, which means a minimum of that since launch).

      I’m a lot less frantic about everything than in 2015.

      And there IS a Countdown Deal running NOW for PURGATORY, for those whose attention I might grab.

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