Applying for writing awards is hard


When I post something on my other blog, the one for the Pride’s Children books and stories, that might be of interest to the people who follow my writing posts here, I’ll usually provide a link.

The latest post there talks about the psychology of putting yourself forward for awards, something which still feels somehow odd, if not wrong.

Self-promotion is weird. Filling in things like ‘Author Bio’ and talking about yourself in third person, because that’s what the traditional publishers do, is weird.

The simple act of submitting your work for an award, which wasn’t successful for me for a long time (and it is only recent that my work received one), is still weird.

But if I don’t, no one will. And that’s a sobering thought.

Pop over to the post – and if you ever think you might read my fiction, Follow – so you’ll find out about sales and samples in a timely manner. And the sales before they’re over.



2 thoughts on “Applying for writing awards is hard

    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      There are a LOT of applicants for these – which makes some of them a bit of a scam as far as the financial side goes. You have to decide if the possibility of winning is worth the lottery ticket price.

      And then have some faith in your work, and its suitability for the particular award. Which is where YOUR judgment comes into play: will you feel comfortable in the pantheon of former winners?

      I was going to replace ‘will’ with ‘would,’ but that implied a lack of self-confidence, so I let ‘will’ stand. False modesty is as bad as unbridled arrogance, and neither is necessary at some point in your artistic life.

      Good to hear from you – how’s the adventure going?



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