Pride’s Children: PURGATORY fans – NETHERWORLD sale!

The SALE is on!

In a week the price will be back to $9.99.


9 thoughts on “Pride’s Children: PURGATORY fans – NETHERWORLD sale!

  1. acflory

    Alicia! Doing a promo post on Netherworld and went to amazon to get a link but there seems to be some mixup with the pricing. The 2.99 shows up under the Kindle box, but the price in the ‘buy’ box looks to be a discount on the print price $7 something. I’ve taken a screenshot. Do you want me to send it to you?


      1. acflory

        Yes, just clicked on the link in your reply and went to the same spot, but what I see is totally different. I wonder if it’s because I’m in Australia?
        Oh…maybe this means I don’t get countdown deals /because/ they’re ‘sent’ to Australia?
        Sometimes I hate amazon. :/



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