Pride’s Children PURGATORY, NETHERWORLD 0.99 or free

If you have ever wanted to read my novels – there’s a Kindle Countdown deal starting Jan. 12 at 8am (GMT in the UK, and PT in the US) at 0.99, and all the details are at the books’ blog.

There are also instructions for creating a free BookSprout account, downloading the ebooks for free – in exchange for writing a review. I have ZERO control over the review content, as it should be, and love to read what readers think.

I’m the worst marketer ever, in addition to one of the slowest, but I LOVE my blog readers to get a bargain.


A friend said you should consider a blogger’s fiction if you like their posts – makes sense.


5 thoughts on “Pride’s Children PURGATORY, NETHERWORLD 0.99 or free

  1. Lloyd Lofthouse

    It may be too late now, but you may pay for and schedule deal site ads sometimes two and three months in advance of a Kindle Countdown Deal (KCD). Only a couple have short time limits so you have to wait to submit a request 30 days before a scheduled KCD.

    The Kindleprenuer has a list of sites he recommends. I’ll list a few I use to advertise my KCDs. I spread them out so one AD appears each day for the seven day KCD. I do that for a reason. Unless Amazon changes it, if your book ends up on the top 100 best seller list for any of its categories for five days in a row, Amazon will start to recommend it for free, and that may often lead to more page reads and orders after the KCD ends. The downside is that my books seldom earn back the money I spent on the ADs because of the lower KCD sale price.

    Results for two KCDs with deal site ADs that ran last November:

    My Splendid Concubine had 81 orders and 4,444 page read (cost $308.40 for all seven ADs.

    The Patriot Oath had 125 orders and 9,498 page reads (cost $301.50 for all seven ADs)

    Bargain Booksy (Written Word Media)
    Fussy Librarian
    Book Gorilla
    Book Sends
    Book Runes
    Just Kindle Books
    Book Raid
    Robin Reads


    1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Post author

      I know it’s too late for now – this is to have something, rather than nothing, going while I gear up to finish the next book, and get a huge paperwork project finished so I don’t have it hanging over my head.

      I know the conventional wisdom. I also know that historical fiction has a different fan base than what I write (which is why I have joked about calling 2005/2006 historical).

      I have almost no energy to do all of these things; it will have to do for now – and satisfies any of my followers on either blog in that they were given notice of both a sale and a free option, as some of them have very limited funds (and my same problem, very limited energy).

      I hope to get around to all of the rest, but have had only minor success in the past with it, despite some lovely reviews and new fans, and know I have a lot to learn there.

      Maybe by the time I finish the last volume, LIMBO, I will have more expertise. OR more luck. As I wish every writer who has put in the effort, as you have.



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