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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Steve


    I found your article on benfotiamine interesting. I discovered this while in investigating solutions for cancer, using dca and benfotiamine to reduce neuropathy. I am am experimenter myself and finding the benfotiamine helping with my energy and normalising blood sugar. I really value people who put their neck out to share their incredible stories. Feel free to contact me if you want to share insight and common improvements.


  2. philipparees

    Thank you for visiting Involution-odyssey. My return visit had me entrapped in Prides Children and I haven’t GOT TIME, but maybe just a little more…supper time… must go…one more section… but just wanted to say its VERY GOOD, and what an ironic and sharp eye you have for le mot juste, and the silence pregnant. Very enjoyable, no sign of the damaged mind but I resonate strongly with your main character’s memory lapses and undefined connections of perfect lucidity once connected for the more lumpen Elise! I have not yet reached her TV appearance but it beckons.


  3. Joseph Michael

    Hi Alicia, you have a great blog here. I saw your comment on the “Good Words blog” about How to Format Your Book For Kindle In Ten Minutes Or Less and thought that you might really benefit from a new online course that is launching soon called “Learn Scrivener Fast”. It is a step-by-step course with video lessons and screenshots. I have a few early bird spots left in the course to access it before everyone else and thought you might be a good fit for it? If not, no worries – just thought I would extend the invitation.

    Joseph Michael


    1. ABE Post author

      Thanks for the invitation – and I would probably learn even more Scrivener stuff. I took Gwen Hernandez’ Scrivener course when I bought Scrivener – a great course – but by now I’ve manipulated the wonderful beast into my own (see the Scene Template, Part 8, post).

      Unfortunately, if I don’t concentrate on the actual writing of Pride’s Children, I am never going to finish it. Scrivener is solid for that, for now.

      I work with a damaged mind – very slowly – endlessly frustrating, but that’s what I have to use, and it has to be enough. So I tend to get into new technology quickly, get what I need RIGHT NOW, and get back to writing. Good luck with your course – it’s a marvelous program.



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