DRABBLES – short fiction efforts exactly 100 words long

I let Scrivener do the counting; if you have a problem with me using fewer or more words because your count is different, take it up with the lovely people at Literature and Latte – I have no idea how they count spaces, line breaks, and punctuation.

I’m not sure why my drabbles tend to be darker than my regular writing. I’m guessing it’s because you have such a small number of words to create an emotional effect in the reader that you can’t use nuance, and instead end up with the strongest words, unqualified by softening.

Every writer worth her salt has a dark side.

DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE VERY EASILY DISTURBED. They are nowhere as bad as the kind of stuff available for sale as thrillers or things with demons, but neither are they my gentle questioning fiction (which may also have quite a bit of buried dark, but ‘buried’ is the operative word).

Reminds me of the shortest story I can remember telling:

Available: Used groom. Does windows now.

Night Watch

Girl and Dog and Destiny

The Lies Stop Here

Who Do You Think You Are?

You Do What You Have To Do

Percentages Are In My Favor

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